Super Tuesday Democratic Primaries Have 48% of US GDP

Super Tuesday Democratic Primaries Have 48% of US GDP

In our efforts to persuade the roughly 10 Democratic Presidential candidates to campaign predominantly in the Super Tuesday states, we now concentrate on fund raising possibilities in these states.  While we showed previously that they contained 40% of the pledged Democratic delegates, we now show that they contained 48% of the US GDP in 2017. 

We compare this to the four February primaries or caucuses, which have only 3.4% of the US GDP, or the first caucus in Iowa, which has 1.0% of the US GDP.

The four largest states in population and delegates have 36% of the US GDP, and for Democrats, can easily be campaigned in with four or five major cities each, with local TV coverage.  The numerical details follow.

In 2017, the total US GDP was $19.3 trillion.  The total number of Democratic delegates are 3,768 pledged, and 764 unpledged, totaling 4,532.

The Fab Four on Super Tuesday:

State.    GDP in $trillions.    Delegates

CA.           2.75                        495

TX.           1.70                        262

NY.           1.55                        270

FL.            0.97                       248

They have a total GDP of $6.97 trillion, or 36.1% of US GDP.  That is more than a third of US GDP.  Being in CA, we note that its GDP is 14.2% of the US total, or about 1/7.

The magnificent seven other states in Super Tuesday, VA, NC, MA, TN, AL, OK, and VT, have a combined GDP of $2.36 trillion, or 12.2% of US GDP.  Combined, with the Fab Four, the total GDP for Super Tuesday is $9.33 trillion, or 48% of the US GDP.

The February Four in order of their primaries or caucuses are:

Feb. 3, Monday, Iowa caucus, with 49 delegates and a $0.190 trillion GDP;

Feb. 11, Tuesday, New Hampshire primary, with 33 delegates, and a $0.081 trillion GDP;

Feb. 22, Saturday, Nevada caucus, with 48 delegates, and a $0.156 trillion GDP; and 

Feb. 29, Saturday, South Carolina primary, with 63 delegates, and a $0.219 trillion GDP.

The total of the February Four is a $0.65 trillion GDP, or 3.4% of US GDP.

The first vote in the Iowa caucus has 1.0% of the US GDP.

Although CA has its native daughter, Sen. Kamala Harris, so far, only Sen. Elizabeth Warren has visited us, speaking in Glendale.  Orange County is now Democratic, and deserves visits too.


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