To “Not Exonerate”, or to Not “Not Exonerate”, That is the Question

To Not Exonerate or to Not Not Exonerate, That Is The Question


My boys let me off, and the first thing I did was to lie about it – Donald Trump

Donald “Not Exonerated” Trump Lies as the Mueller Report is Barred

Trump Goes Bonkers

The above were some of the alternative possible titles of this article.

First of all, Attorney General Barr’s appointment was just in time to judge the early submission of the Mueller report.  Barr was chosen as the one lawyer to write publicly that the investigation was improper.  No surprise that he only released his own judgement that Trump could not be prosecuted.

Second, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was kept on, to rule that the president did not collude by firing Comey.  Convenient, since Rosenstein wrote the letter firing Comey and would face the same charges.  

So, having fixed the judgement of the report with loyal Republicans, Trump, of course, called for investigation of the Democrats who worked on the report.

Trump counterattacks by calling his Democratic opponents “Traitors”.  Way beyond the norm, and the Due Process fifth amendment, as usual for Trump.

While there was no evidence that Trump or his associates had direct contact with Russians influencing our elections, the Russian interference was illegal.  Trump’s response was to influence the Israeli elections by inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House and giving Israel possession of the Golan Heights.  This was just two weeks before the Israeli election.  Trump also emphasized that he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing it as the capital of Israel.  So, Trump maximally moved to provide foreign interference in the Israeli election.  And Netanyahu colluded in this foreign influence.  I won’t even mention the charges against Netanyahu, since I haven’t been following that issue, and I shouldn’t interfere in the politics of a foreign country.

Trump wanted all the credit for this alone, so he pre-announced it himself.  No evidence that Trump consulted with the State Department, nor what their recommendation or reasoning was.  No evidence that Trump sought Advice and Consent, or even Advice, from the Senate, which rules on foreign treaties.  Nor evidence that Trump consulted with the Republican Party.  This after calling the Democratic Party anti-Semitic.

Did I forget to mention Trump’s interference in Brexit?

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