The Purge Begins

The Purge Begins

Update, the next morning, Tuesday, March 26.  The New York Post has put out a sarcastic playoff chart of 32 news or entertainment people which it calls Mueller Madness, as in the March Madness NCAA basketball playoff.  You pick your bracket, and the vote the winner at  Eight personalities appear for each of the divisions of CABLE, NETWORK, PRINT, or TWITTERATI.  The winner is called THE WORST.  These 32 will be the real heroes of this mad Trump era.  Donald Trump Jr. retweeted this, making it totally official for the Administration.   I’m sure he “loved it” as he did the offer of Russian dirt on Hillary.

Actually, I had been comparing the coming purge to the HUAC purge of communists.  There is a connection to Trump!  Trump chose as his legal mentor Roy Cohn, who aided McCarthy.  Cohn taught Trump to always fight back and sue.

I’m surprised that they did not include Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” with the defining line for the Trump Administration:  “The truth, you can’t handle the truth.”

Also, Trump sent a letter to “News Producers” not to schedule Democratic leaders as guests.  This also violates the First Amendment Freedom of Association.

This is like a horror film.  Or a standard script in the rise of a dictator.  Trump, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Fox presenters, and some Republicans, want to purge from public life and committee positions, any Democrat or media person who reported on what was happening during the Mueller investigation and the associated court cases.  Trump could have just walked away with his self-declared exoneration, and told others to let it be.  But not the Great Avenger!

These purges are frightening when they occur under would-be or established dictatorships, but are amazingly scary in our America, especially when so many pile on to support it, and when led from the White House.  That should be grounds for impeachment itself.  It violates freedom of speech, freedom of the press, due process, and laws of slander.  Because it comes with declarations of treason, and the press being the enemy of the people.

Oddly, this comes just days after Trump signs an Executive Order demanding that campuses support Federal regulations on free speech, which they already do.

By the way, nobody in Congress or the Press or the Public, and probably in the White House itself, has seen the actual Mueller report.  It will be several weeks of purging until we find out even the Barred work-over or possible white-washing of the report, as indicated by the Attorney General’s immediate letter and dropping of all future prosecutions, after only two days of examination.  We have no idea of how deep the report has been seen and considered in the Justice Department.

While the Mueller group had the highest professional standards with no leaks, nobody saw the Trump and Republican and Fox News Inquisition coming.  That may well grab some the wrong way (literally), tempting those who see a possible blatant white-wash to drop off a flash drive somewhere.

Since Trump and his convicted campaign crooks have suffered so much, sob, sob, we can see the ground being laid for their pardons.

To get an idea whether to trust our new Attorney General William Barr, he just filed to the Supreme Court to get rid of Obama Care, cutting medical care for 21 million people.  So far, the Trump Administration has cut 7 million people from Obamacare.  The total would then be 28 million people.

In any case, everybody in the media and political spectrum has to be held accountable to denounce a purge in this land of the Constitution and American Freedoms.

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