Dear Donald: Windmills Do Not Cause Cancer; Narcissists Do!

Dear Donald:  Windmills Do Not Cause Cancer; Narcissists Do!

At the National Republican Congressional Committee Trump made one of his “they say that” lies that windmill’s noise (whrr, whrr, with circling hand, our President acted out) causes cancer.  While living under a windmill might lower your property value by 75% as he claimed, we have windmills in the desert passes, over Midwest farmlands with only cows or crops present, and eventually off shore.

I’m serious about the Narcissist  thing.  Trump seems to weekly use a tanning machine.  You can see it when he has total white rings around his eyes where he put on the goggles for his tanning machine.  That is the first Narcissism which can cause cancer.  The next is when he golfs.  He never wears a wide brimmed hat in the sun to protect his face from skin cancer, just a cap that either says MAGA or USA.  Narcissism 2.  Then, he never hides his gorgeous face with sun glasses to protect his eyes, especially from ultraviolet light.  Narcissism 3.  Fortunately, solar eclipses are rare, since Trump stared directly at the sun without sun blockers, since he doesn’t need such protection as others do.  Narcissism 4.

However, now that Trump has tried to removed smokestack cleaners for smog particles, he is sentencing Americans who live in any major city nearby to early death by heart disease and lung cancers.  Trying to slow the alternative adoption of wind power also now causes more cancer.  This protects Trump’s coal backers and voters in coal mining states.  Furthermore, poor and minority people are more exposed to major roads and coal power plants.  Trump’s halting of future fuel economy standards will also cause more smog, deaths, and asthma suffering.  This is to please his oil backers who will fund his re-election.  Narcissism’s 5 and 6.

Let’s never forget, that during a campaign debate, Trump said he heard of a case that somebody became autistic after taking a vaccine.  Almost all kids get vaccinated.  And some become autistic.  Therefore, some kids who become autistic will do it sometime after a vaccine.  Trump did not find out how long after the vaccine the autism was diagnosed.  Kids take vaccines as often as every few months.  Trump fell into a standard fallacy of logic:  After it, therefore because of it.  Trump should have declared a National Emergency to get all kids vaccinated.  Pretending he knows more than anybody else, Narcissism 7.  

Texas has by far the largest amount of wind power, developed under the oversight of former Republican Governor Rick Perry, who is now Trump’s Secretary of Energy.  If you or I passed on that some people say that windmills cause cancer, it is one thing, and unimportant.  But when the President of the United States passes this on, when he has not only all of the government scientists and advisors to call on, but also the National Academy of Sciences and the American Medical Association, and any doctor in the country, it is impermissible!

It may be that farm workers in states with wind farms have cancers.  First, this is because there are not health plans for farm workers.  Many are also seasonal undocumented immigrants, and Trump has done nothing to legitimize their use.  Finally, Trump has removed plans to ban harmful poisons, which may also be carcinogenic.  This is to obtain funding from the chemical industries.  Narcissism’s 8, 9 and 10.

Trump must have heard that the use of pesticides on golf courses is four to seven times as much per acre as farm land.  The New York Toxic Fairways study of 1995 found that course superintendents had elevated levels of cancer, respiratory, and neurological diseases.  They had elevated mortality due to brain cancer, Parkinson’s, and non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  This could also affect those living near golf courses.  20% of the applied pesticides were possible or probable human carcinogens.  Narcissism 11.  So the old phrase:  those who run golf courses shouldn’t tee off on windmills.  It should be noted that Grounds Maintenance Newsletter disputes these studies, but emphasizes to observe the directions about waiting times to restart golfing after pesticide treatments.  An NIH study shows that most of the 400,000 ground maintenance workers at 16,000 golf courses are not well trained.  They are mostly Latino, and speak Spanish.

Trump also exaggerated bird deaths from wind farms.  First of all, they are not built near trees with birds, nor along bird flyways.  Yet Trump will even extinct bird species with his removal of natural protective areas for all wildlife, and allowing mining and oil drilling and natural gas fracking.  It can’t be healthy for birds flying in smokestack gases and smog, or eating insects or berries  from insecticide sprayed areas.  Again for backing from petrogarchs.  Narcissism’s 12, 13 and 14.  The earlier springs caused by global warming have also put newly hatched birds our of sync with the appearance of caterpillars on which they can be fed.  For denying climate science, because he has an innate science capability, Trump gets Narcissism 15.

Please VP Pence, if you are listening, this is your best chance to activate the 25th Amendment.  Unless Trump, say, becomes totally confused and starts babbling about how his father came from Germany, instead of the Bronx.  Then, you surely have to remove him.  It is also sad, very very sad, that nobody at the NRCC dinner booed or tried to correct his lies.  Or walked out.

It only now occurs to me that I have been suppressing the obvious analog of Don Quixote tilting at windmills.  While it seems obvious that Trump is actually tilting at windmills as his evil adversary, it also seems like bloggers, scientists, reporters, and informed citizens are the ones actually tilting against Trump and the fossil fuel billionaires, and finding a plethora of  swamp creatures that they have installed for us to uselessly confront.  Who is Sancho Panza?  There is nothing comedic about Trump’s White House assistants or Mitch McConnell and his subservient Republican Senators.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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