We’ve All Spent Three Years Spying on Donald Trump, and It Has Been Horrendous

We’ve All Spent Three Years Spying on Donald Trump, and It Has Been Horrendous

We know he prefers crooks and extreme loyalists.

We know of his porn star affair that he paid to cover up.

We know of his year long playmate affair that his buddy covered up.

We have the bus tape confession of his always trying to assault women.

We know he was always a millionaire.

We know he will do anything not to pay taxes.

We know know that he is under investigation for undervaluing his property for taxes.

We know he is a business failure in bankruptcies.

We know American banks would no longer finance him, and he is being investigated for Russian financing.

We know that he fought for Trump Tower Moscow up until the election.

We know he violates due process and interferes in every Department of Justice action he wants to.  “Lock Her Up.”

We know he seeks out the most unqualified and partisan politico for every appointment.  Attorney General William Barr being the Piece de Resistance.

We know he fires anyone restraining him with things like humanity or legality.

We know that he constantly spills the beans publicly.  “Mr. Putin, if you are listening”.  And firing Comey because of Russia.

We know that his lackeys had over 100 contacts with Russia during the campaign, most of which they forgot to declare for some reason.

We know that Trump conveniently forgot who David Duke to now Julian Assange were.  And everyone indicted just brought him coffee.

We know that Trump has told almost 10,000 lies in office.

We know that Trump goes into rages and curses at his underlings.  Normally, that would get any government supervisor fired.

We know that Trump has threatened the press and reporters personally, and that he calls them “The Enemy of the People”.

We know that Trump now calls all of his detractors “Traitors”.

We know that Trump had dishonored “National Emergencies” and violated the Congresses  Constitutional “Power of the Purse”.

We know that Trump has dishonored National Heroes who have opposed him.

We know that Trump has destroyed almost all Republican politicians who stood up to him, and cowed the rest of the Republicans.

We know that Trump will do anything to suppress minority voting.

We know that Trump has had several secret, unaccounted, and unrecorded talks with our greatest international enemies, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

We know Trump seems to prefer political appointees with sexual assault histories.

We know Trump prefers dictators, and demeans our loyal allies.

We know Trump cancels all humanitarian and foreign aid programs, even ones that are of help to us in preventing infectious diseases or caravans of refugees.

We know Trump blows dog whistles for violence toward his enemies.

We know Trump hates science, and climate change that could affect his petrogarch (coal, oil, and gas) backer’s bottom line.

We know that Trump openly tries to intimidate witnesses.

We know that Trump will toss anybody under the bus instead of accepting responsibility himself.

We know that Trump never forgets a grudge, and never hesitates to retaliate.

We know that Trump mistrusts everybody in the government, starting with the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the Department of Defense.

Who cares if there was additional spying (which there wasn’t).

But worst of all, we know that 90% of Republicans will still support Trump!

About Dennis SILVERMAN

I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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