Trump, the Legend

Trump, the Legend

Trump does indeed have the world’s greatest memory, because it completely forgets, forever, whatever he could be impeached for.  Trump’s failed memory on these very important obstruction actions is the greatest evidence that the VP and cabinet members need to activate the 25th Amendment on what to do with a mentally challenged President.

Why is there a story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, who led away their children in the 1300s?  Wikipedia gives many theories.  The story is popular as a warning to kids to not follow misleading characters.  There is an obvious analogy to Donald Trump leading the politically naive, tearing them away from many government services which are in their own interests. 

“Nobody disobeyed my orders” are the words that a dictator would choose, especially the implied concept that everybody in the White House and executive branch must “obey” the president.  Other than Trump’s personal employees, all of the executive branch employees are public employees, and have to follow constitutional, legal, and ethical government rules.  They often followed these restrictions in their actions, saving some of their own reputations, and also protecting Trump from his unconstitutional or unethical actions.

Welcome to Barrocracy, where for a first act AG Barr summarized 448 pages in a 4 page innocuous summary.  Then, a month later, gave a news conference clearing Trump from collusion and obstruction of justice before releasing the redacted report.  Just what we don’t need, a lying chief law enforcement officer.  Who needs phone scams when we have Barr as attorney general.  Barr’s press conference was the ultimate obstruction of justice.

Donald Jr. is supposedly innocent of collusion in meeting with Russians because he didn’t know the law against foreign interference in our elections.  First of all, he was the candidate’s son.  Also at the meeting was Paul Manafort, the head of Trump’s campaign.  I don’t think so.

What was Putin thinking?  He did not know that Trump would break all nuclear treaties including ones with Russia, and the Iranian non-proliferation treaty.  He had to be concerned, as Russia’s President, with what kind of man controlled the 1,500 nuclear weapons aimed at Russia.  Sure, he was angry at Hillary Clinton for interfering with the Russian election when she was Secretary of State, but it didn’t cost him anything.  While Trump has religiously acted as if he’d believed in Putin’s stated innocence from interference in 2016, Trump would himself be implicated if Putin had done so.  Mr. Putin, if you’re listening, tend to the nuclear security of both Russia and the US, stop medaling, and let us get rid of Trump.  We are all in this together.   Trump acts as a certifiable paranoid person.  He trusts nobody, not our intelligence agencies nor our generals.  He acts on impulses, without checking with or listening to responsible government departments.  He goes into rages.  He believes all sorts of conspiracy web sources.  He relies on anti-China business professor Peter Navarro, and a hawk from the past, John Bolton.  There are no traditional checks or balances left.  Listen to your own generals.

Trump will try to obstruct the House investigation of his taxes, claiming concern for taxpayers’ privacy.  He has had two years to have brought this up for other Americans, but only thought of it after his own were requested.  Trump has had four years since he started running for President, and probably years before that when he was thinking about it, to start filing honest tax returns.  Apparently he didn’t, since he is not willing to make them public or even secretly and legally given the House Ways and Means committee.

Republicans want to get back to passing legislation?  They have blocked all joint legislation over the latter Obama 6 years.  They ignored Democrats over Trump’s first two years.  The Mueller investigation did not stop Congress from passing legislation.  Trump had two years for Republicans to pass infrastructure, and they didn’t do it.  The Republican Senate passed 67 bills to kill Obamacare, but they couldn’t pass the House.  They have not proposed and passed an alternative.  Trump said that they had to get back to more tax cuts.  Since the midterms, the Congress has jointly passed two pieces of important legislation, which Trump has vetoed.  That was to eliminate Trump’s National Emergency, and to end assistance to Saudi Arabia in the catastrophic Yemen war.

Trump now openly talks as our King, ordering The NY Times to kneel before Zod, er, Trump, and apologize for covering the Russian collusion and obstruction. 

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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