Trump: It’s Not Just The Lies

Trump:  It’s Not Just the Lies, It’s Bullying, Violating Our Freedoms, Violating the Constitution, Misogyny, Dog Whistling, Violations of Human Rights, etc.

We can of course sarcastically celebrate the one real record that Trump holds of reaching 10,000 lies while in office.  This was done in 2.25 years.  But at the current rate, he will top 20,000, and maybe even 30,000 by the time this term is over.

We have never had a President in my life who bullied his opposition by always name-calling them with playground personal insults.  Every time he does this lowers the dignity of the Office of the President, our international reputation, and our own respect for our Democracy.  This also applies to all of Trump’s actions discussed below.  This bullying is a lot more influential on our internet youth than Melania’s Be Best program.

Trump has violated our Freedom of the Press.  Yes it is Our freedom to have a press that investigates, that tells the truth, and has fair and balanced opinion writers.  Trump castigates the Press with Fake News and Enemy of the People bullying.  He dog whistles for assaults on the Press, and attacks specific papers and TV news, as well as reporters.  This was already reacted to with mailings of suspicious powders to his targets.  

Trump has also adopted Fox News as not just the Official News source, but also for staffing his administration with their unqualified commentators, as a source for guidance, and as the only valid source for news.  This, despite the fact that it is run by foreigners, and represents extreme conservative views, and was infused with misogyny. 

Trump violates our freedom of speech, even silencing government scientists.  

Trump regularly violates our Due Process rights, opinionating on every newsy case that will be considered by the Dept. of Justice, or even state or local law enforcement.  He also has violated Hillary Clinton’s rights of Due Process every time he allows his crowds to chant “Lock Her Up” without stopping them.

All of the above are violation of our Constitutional rights.  Trump has also violated the Power of the Purse to the Congress, in scrounging money to build his wall, from funds allocated elsewhere.  When Congress passed a bill nullifying Trump’s National Emergency, Trump just vetoed it.   Trump also is now defying any House request of the IRS for his taxes, or any questioning of witnesses who know about Trump’s attempts to obstruct the Mueller investigation.

Trump bullies women, and has few in weighty White House positions or in his cabinet.  He seldom drops nominees when their sexual harassment history is exposed, and even helps them cover them up as in the Brett Michael Kavanaugh limited investigation, for a Supreme Court justice, no less.  Trump readily insults women leaders of foreign countries, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom.  He also tells them how they should run their countries.  He has made no moves to expand women’s rights, or to uphold the status quo of Roe vs. Wade.

Trump has shunned human rights considerations in America and abroad.  At home he has separated families, incarcerated immigrant children and kidnapped them from their parents, and used DACA and Dreamers as political pawns.  Abroad, Trump has embraced almost all dictators, and ignored Human Rights in dealings with them.  He has cancelled much needed foreign aid to prevent refugees, to quell disease epidemics, and to provide population limiting birth control.

Again, its not just the death of our Government by ten thousand lies.  It’s all of the other irresponsible and un-American governance as well.  

About Dennis SILVERMAN

I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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