Regarding Trump’s Retweet of a Conspiracy Theory on Epstein’s Death

It’s Another  “Any Other President Would Be Impeached for This Alone” Article.

We’re referring to Trump’s retweet of a conspiratorial site that wants to blame Epstein’s death on the Clintons.

How far have we fallen (yet again) with Trump, that all this gets is another “meh” response.

Trump, the 45,000 tweet Master of Twitter, knows full well that retweeting a wild unfounded conspiratorial accusation is an endorsement of it.  It is not the same as his standard modus operandi of plausible deniability.  Does Trump still refuse to realize that when the President retweets, it means so much more than when an average Twitter user does?  Plus, Trump has 65 million followers, an order of magnitude larger than any news program.  No other President would interfere with a Department of Justice investigation, with a prejudgment, especially trying to slander his previous election opponent.  This is one of the prime definers of dictators.  Did anyone hear any Republican Congressmen condemning this?

Then, to try to justify his mean retweet, he sends Kellyanne Conway onto Fox, to say that we have to look at all possibilities.  She would be fired immediately by any other President for trampling the 5th Amendment, Due Process.  How many times have Trump and his lawyers and followers said, that you are innocent until proven guilty.  

Update:  Rudy Giuliani, the President’s Lawyer, also was punctually unctuous in backing the conspiracy against the Clintons.  Then, he realized that he was not shielded by a justice department ruling from being sued for character assassination.  He turned around and warned us all from turning to conspiratorial theories.

People who initiate such insulting inferences can get sued for defamation of character.  Retweeting such insinuations can be more like just passing on news, and not character assassination itself.  We know of one person who would be the first to sue.

In terms of whether there should be any plausibility to Trump and Attorney General Barr’s investigation into the origin of the Mueller investigation, this should destroy any such confidence.

Can we fall any further?  This is just Day 2 of Trump’s vacation.

This is the doctrine of Deflectus Maximus (don’t look it up, I just invented it. It is similar to Divertus Maximus).  An article had appeared before of Trump and Epstein having thrown a party with lots of beautiful girls invited.

Then there was the case of Alexander Acosta, Secretary of Labor.  When the new Epstein prosecution came up, it was pointed out that Acosta was the Florida prosecutor who let him off with a patsy sentence, and failed to notify the victims of the plea bargain.  Eventually, Trump was forced to let him go. 

So, back to Kellyanne Conway.  Shouldn’t someone involved with Epstein as in the above two paragraphs also be investigated, by your logic?

Yes, Bill Clinton had accepted rides on Epstein’s jet, but with the full secret service and staff accompanying.  Presumably this was for non-state business, when he couldn’t use Air Force One. 

For Attorney General Barr, Epstein was in Federal custody, and had been on suicide watch, and was on a more relaxed type of suicide watch, with a non-existent cell mate, and periodic monitoring.  Epstein had been the most publicized case for weeks, and it must be embarrassing for the Attorney General to lose him like this.  It looks like he had been spending too much time on Trump’s Clinton conspiratorial case, and not enough on Epstein.  Deflectus Maximus applies here also, as well as Barr’s clearing Trump, should that ever be necessary,

Has Trump replaced the daily security briefing with the news ratings of his challengers?  His newest tweets insult his opponents with their low ratings.  I remember when Reagan was accused of not knowing if he was for real, or just acting in a movie.  Does Trump still think he is directing The Apprentice?

While Trump and his minions are criticizing VP Biden for his occasional goofs, we should ask how Trump’s trip to Toledo, Ohio, was to soothe the victims of the mass shooting there.  Trump was the oldest President to have taken office.  The difference is, that Biden knows and obeys the Constitution.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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