Hints That Trump Might Run a Fixed Election, Major Update 1

Hints That Trump Might Run a Fixed Election, Major Update 1

Update:  9/27.  Well, since the article is about fixing the election, I have to keep adding new abuses.  The Washington Post just revealed that when Trump met with the Russian Ambassador in the Oval Office after Comey was fired, Trump told them that he wasn’t concerned about Russian interference with the 2016 election.  The transcript of that was locked up with the secret documents, in what I will now call the “hurt locker”, since any political documents there could severely hurt Trump politicially.

Update:  Wednesday, Sept. 25.  The gall of Trump to ask the President of Ukraine, which has lost a total of 13,000 Ukrainians on both sides of the Russian invasion, to somehow find that the Russians had not hacked the Democrats in 2016, so that Trump could remove some sanctions against Putin, the scourge of the Ukraine.  Trump implied that Ukraine had “the server”  or copy of Hilary Clinton’s erased emails, or had done the 2016 hacking.  Putin also stole the oil resources of the Black Sea and the mining resources of Eastern Ukraine.

Update:  Wednesday, Sept. 25.  I no longer have to keep updating this article since impeachment is now the dominant topic in the Press, the Media, and the Congress.  The Dems are now up to 218 out of a majority of 218 votes needed to begin the investigation of impeachment for a trial in the Senate.  There are 235 Democrats in the House.  The Senate needs a 2/3 or 67 votes to impeach.  With 47 Democratic Senators, 20 Republican Senators out of 53 would have to vote for impeachment.

Adam Schiff gives a thorough indictment for impeachment.  The Justice Department cleared Trump of charges, already.  Do they even know what the whistleblower complaint was, and why do they know it?  The Acting DNI Joseph Maguire was supposed to, within a week, secretly deliver it to the Intelligence committees.  Even though Attorney General Barr denies knowing of the Trump involvement with Ukraine, the fact that he was mentioned in the call means that he has to recuse himself, as AG Jeff Sessions did from the Russian probe.  Actually, AG Barr should resign by his conflict and yet ruling there would be no charges.  Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, should resign for interfering with affairs of state, something you or I would be prosecuted for.  Since VP Pence had interfered also, he too should resign.  The Acting DNI should resign or be found in contempt of congress, and prosecuted.

Actually, copying the movie “Jerry Maguire”, you had me three years ago at “Russia, if you are listening”.

Update:  Tuesday, Sept.. 24.  Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, opened the Official Impeachment Inquiry over President Trump’s call to President Zelensky of Ukraine, and the refusal to turn over the whistleblower complaint.  These are covered in items 54-65 below.

Update:  Sunday, Sept. 22.  I first published this article on July 30 with 38 hints that Trump is cheating on the 2020 election.  Today, less than two months later, I am up to 65 hints, 71% more.  So it is time to republish this count.

Update:  Friday, August 2, 11 AM.  Trump has now tweeted that he has withdrawn Rep. Ratcliffe’s nomination to be Director of National Intelligence.  Trump explained that he wanted to save Ratcliffe the strain of difficult hearings on it.

  1. Trump just replaced Dan Coats, the experienced Director of National Intelligence for our 17 intelligence agencies, who resigned.  For his successor, Trump immediately nominated a Texas Republican Congressman, John Ratcliffe, whose experience was being on the House Intelligence Committee, but only for this half of a year.  
  2. Ratcliffe’s main qualification may be that just a few days ago, he defended Trump at the Mueller hearing, and accused the Democrats of giving Trump a hard time.  This whole appointment sounds like the choice of our most important intelligence director was arranged in just a few days.  Ratcliffe had been pushing the anti-Obama and anti-Clinton conspiracy theories.  He is also rated as the second most conservative representative.
  3. Coats and Trump were particularly at odds over Coat’s assessment of the dangers of Russia’s interference in the next election.
  4. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would not bring up a bill passed by the House to provide $700 million more in funds for the necessity of replacing election computers with those that leave a printed record.  He said that the present $380 million allocation was enough.  
  5. Many of these old or new computers are running Windows 7 voting software, whose support will end this year.  They could be easy to hack.  Why hadn’t the software been upgraded earlier?  Oh yes, States Rights for voting.
  6. It is now revealed that all 50 states had voting computers that were attacked by the Russians.
  7. Mueller said that the Russians are already engaged in operations.
  8. Trump has never admitted or accepted that the Russians committed the hacks to the DNC, DCCC, and Jon Podesta, which were put on Wikileaks.
  9. Trump and Putin together joked when a reporter asked them about the hacks.  Trump asked Putin whether he had hacked the computers, and they laughed about it.
  10. Trump has never explicitly taken any action to stop future hacking or problems.
  11. Trump said we should prevent a Special Counsel investigation from happening in a future election.  I wonder why?
  12. Trump has said he would like to be a President for life, like Xi Jin PIng.
  13. Trump has said he deserves a six year term (like Putin?)
  14. Trump has said he deserves more than two four year terms (like FDR?)
  15. Trump’s associates had 126 contacts with Russians before the election.
  16. Trump tried to obstruct the Mueller investigation in 10 different ways.
  17. Trump said that if foreign sources turned up true evidence against an opponent, why wouldn’t he use it.
  18. What happened to the bill which would require someone to immediately turn over any information received from a foreign contact to the FBI?
  19. Trump said why would anybody contact the FBI?  He said he had never done so.
  20. McConnell has blocked nine bills to protect the election from foreign interference.
  21. Attorney General William Barr is investigating the origins of the Trump Campaign investigation, rather than present and future Russian interference.
  22. Trump was going to send his attorney Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to get dirt on Biden’s brother.  Again, considering foreign interference.
  23. Trump has said the next election is fixed.
  24. In 2016 recounts of very close states, Trump’s lawyers forbid the examination of the software of the voting machines.
  25. Trump claims that massive numbers of illegal votes were counted — 3 to 5 million in 2016, with no evidence having turned up.
  26. During the 2018 midterms, Trump said that the California vote was fixed, because California counted mail-in ballots, as long as they were post-marked by Election Day.  It also counted provisional ballots after Election Day, and military ballots.  They were not “fixed”, but they did overturn some Republican districts.
  27. Trump tried to get a citizenship question on the 2020 census for future reapportionment.  He will now get that information from all other federal agencies.  This will be in invaluable geographic form, for maximum manipulation in gerrymandering.
  28. Trump has said that he would never let a Socialist become President, not in his America.
  29. Ratcliffe’s staff had to remove his misleading claims that he had prosecuted terrorists.  We really need total honesty in an intelligence director.
  30. Ratcliffe also exaggerated that he had arrested 300 undocumented aliens in one day.
  31. His involvement in the Intelligence Committee is now described in the press as “disengaged”.
  32. The job description for the Director of Intelligence calls for “extensive national security expertise”.  I wonder how his hearings are going to go.
  33. Trump’s quote Tuesday about Ratcliffe:  “We need somebody strong that can really rein it in, because as I think you’ve all learned, the intelligence agencies have run amok, They run amok.”
  34. To Trump’s credit he sent out small tweet calling for Congress to pass a bill to get printed backup for the ten states which do not fully have it.  These states are mostly Republican, however.
  35. In the same tweet, Trump called for Voter ID legislation, which discriminates against poor and minorities who do not have drivers licenses because they do not drive.
  36. Trump made the Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon resign, so that she would not become the acting director when Dan Coats leaves.  She had 30 years experience.
  37. She is being replaced with a former Admiral, Joseph Maguire, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, as Acting Director of National Intelligence.  The NCTC has 1,000 members from 20 federal agencies.  He has been director of the NCTC for just over a year.
  38. I recall now that referring to a possible fixed election, Trump reminded us that he was backed by the military, the police, and motorcycle groups.
  39. 8/15:  Trump tweeted that Israel should ban the travel to Israel of two women House Representatives, who are Muslim, and Netanyahu did so.  Besides this being unconstitutional for Trump to interfere with House investigations, it was getting a foreign power to interfere in the reelection chances of Representatives Ilhan Omar (D.-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D. Mich.).  They are members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Israel is a Democracy, and there are 13 Arabs out of 121 Parliament members.  There is also an Arab Israeli Supreme Court Justice.
  40. 8/19:  Trump claims that the Fox News polls, which show him below 40%, are fixed.  That is a necessary step to show that a losing vote count can’t be justified by the polls, which also show him losing.
  41. Trump says the economic predictions of a recession before or in 2021 by 74% of economists, is also wrong.  This is crucial, since he has to sell the economy to get re-elected.
  42. 8/20: Trump’s admonition that Jews have to vote for him or be disloyal to Israel violates the separation of church and state in the first amendment.  It also brings in a foreign power to influence the election.
  43. 8/21:  Trump has said again that he plans to serve more than two terms.
  44. 8/28:  Trump has told his staff to build more miles of wall, regardless of the law, and that he would pardon them.  This includes using eminent domain, a practice that Republicans used to oppose as a danger of big government.  It includes ignoring environmental rules.  It also includes redirecting funds in violation of limits passed by the Congress.
  45. 8/28:  Even in the face of Hurricane Dorian striking Puerto Rico, Trump has decided to rob the hurricane relief funds to imprison immigrants on the Southern Border.  Both of these moves are election moves to please his core.
  46. Trump’s selling his Miami Doral Club for the US G-7 meeting is not just for profit.  The publicity platform of Trump hosting world leaders at his own fancy club would make him look great for foreign policy and the successful and important businessman that he is.  It is an election ploy.
  47. Pence went to Poland to replace Trump, while he dealt with Dorian (golf).  He was being a foreign influence in Poland’s election.
  48. Republicans are planning to cancel four primaries because Trump will have challengers in them.  The states are Arizona (11 electoral votes), Nevada (6), Kansas (6) and S. Carolina (9).
  49. 9/8 Trump’s Campaign Manager Brad Pascale said that the Trump family is a “dynasty that will last for decades”.  And VP Pence thought that he was Constitutionally elected to succeed if anything happened to the President (25th amendment).
  50. 9/9. Trump cheats on the First Amendment separating church and state when at a rally he claims to help evangelicals and claims that Democrats have no religion.
  51. Trump “joked” that he would like three terms again.
  52. Trump interfered in the Israeli election again, saying that after Netanyahu is re-elected, he would let them have property in the West Bank.  This again says that he doesn’t care if foreign powers interfere in an election.
  53. 9/16:  Trump says he is discussing military aid to Saudi Arabia, and that only HE can call them up and have them put more oil in the market to lower the price of gas in America.  Is he trading military aid now for a boost before his re-election?
  54. 9/17:  Trump said that we should investigate Biden’s link to Ukraine, and that it wouldn’t be inappropriate if he had talked to Ukraine’s leader about this.
  55. 9/20:  Apparently Trump asked Ukraine President Zelensky eight times in the phone call to help Rudy investigate the Bidens.  Trump said that his calls were never inappropriate.  Rudy admitted yesterday that he had contacted Zelensky to investigate the Bidens.
  56. Trump has withheld much needed aid to Ukraine to fight the Russians, until this became public, and they he sent it.
  57. 9/22:  Trump admitted that he mentioned Joe and Hunter Biden and investigating them for corruption in his talk on July 25, with Ukrainian President  Zelensky.  This is sort of embarrassing to Republicans who were denying this.
  58. Rudy was pushing that we should investigate the Bidens and said it was improper that Hunter should have been on the board of a foreign oil company while Biden was VP.  Apparently, Rudy’s brain is immune to hypocrisy, considering the foreign policy roles of Ivanka and Jared, and Eric and Donald Jr. running Trump’s International Resorts.
  59. Trump now says that Joe Biden has done some very bad things.  This, again, violates Due Process as embedded in the Fifth Amendment.
  60. The whistleblower complaint was supposed to secretly and directly go to the House Intelligence committee.  The fact that Trump said that many saw it and considered nothing was there puts all who saw it at legal risk, especially all who talked to the President about it.  Note that Trump knows that nobody should have read it, because he said that he didn’t read this so important complaint.
  61. Trump said the author was political, which was also supposed to be confidential.  This is all cheating on sensitive election related charges.
  62. 9/23 :  Drip, drip, drip:  Trump said today why would you fund Ukraine if they didn’t investigate corruption, tying his insistence that they investigate Biden to the funding already allocated by the US Congress.
  63. Trump then said that Ukraine would be more cooperative to investigate corruption in the future.  Deja vu?
  64. Congress and the Department of Defense became aware that OMB under Mick Mulvaney was holding up the funds.  Mulvaney is now acting Chief of Staff.
  65. Trump had the $400 million Ukraine funds frozen a week before he made the phone call.
  66. What about Trump’s secret conferences with Putin and Kim Jong Un, both of whom are known hackers?
  67. The way Rudy and Trump are leaking bit by bit, its like they know the whistleblower report has been spread around, or already leaked, or Acting DNI Joseph Maguire told him that he would release the whistleblower complaint instead of going to jail.
  68. Stay tuned.

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