To VP Pence: It’s Now or Never

To VP Pence:  It’s Now or Never

Update 9/27:  I can’t believe that I am updating a fiction article.  Trump did throw Pence under the bus, saying that Pence also had one or two talks with Ukraine, one being on Sept. 1 in a Poland meeting.  I wonder if the transcripts of those also went in the “code word” locker.  I suspect soon we will have an official or meme name for that locker.  I remember how Trump used to make Hillary’s server sound sinister by always saying it was in the basement.  I wonder if Trump’s locker is in the basement.  Why did Trump throw Pence under the bus?  To threaten Republicans with #PresidentPelosi if they abandon him.  Didn’t Pence realize how it was hypocritical or deja vu for a VP to ask for a corruption investigation from a foreign country, about VP Biden interfering in a corruption investigation in the same country?

Today, you have Trump publicly desiring to find out who the whistleblower is, and to execute him or her for treason.  He also applied that to anyone who spoke to the whistleblower.  Apparently, 10 people were in on the phone call.  There were also the people who knew about the attempt to secretize the call.

You will be dragged down in this investigation, “Ukrainegate”, or “Ugate” for short, if you don’t assert the 25th Amendment that the President is currently out of his mind, and you have to take over.

Your cabinet knows that they are going to go down for complicity or not speaking out in the first place.  Or, they know that they will be hanged for talking to others, any of whom could be the whistleblower.  Pence only needs a majority vote of the very frightened cabinet.  They will definitely back you up rather than go down with Trump’s rapidly sinking yacht.

If Pence can’t get a majority of the cabinet, he just has to get a majority of the Congress, or really, the Republican Senate.  Since Pence can break any tie, he only needs a Senate tie, or 3 Republicans of the 53 to have sympathy for Trump and vote for Trump’s mental health care.  There are three Republican Senators considered at risk from a Trump defeat next year.

Republican Senators realize that they are going to get sucked down the Trump whirlpool of trash in the election, and plead for your humanity to help Trump get the mental health treatment and year long recovery that he sorely needs.

All Republicans realize that they will definitely lose the Presidency now, unless you take over and become the candidate.

You are the VP that brought the religious base to Trump, and they will be delighted to follow your morality, instead of Trump’s immorality.

You are the True Patriot, not Trump.  You get that vote too.

You are the responsible gun owner, as opposed to Trump, who dreams of shooting someone on 5th Avenue.  You will keep the Second Amendment vote too.

You can present your tax returns which show your modest American life style, as opposed to Trump’s stonewalling this issue.

Your morality can bring women back to the Republican Party.

You can bring minorities back to the Republican Party, with the good economic results.

You of course realize that Trump would just as soon throw you under the bus, if he thinks the sacrifice would get him out of this.

As often happens, the accuser spells out the punishment that he deserves, since Trump is the real committer of Treason here.

As in Watergate, the key point is that the succeeding VP to President, then pardons the President of any and all crimes.  In the plan above, the VP just has to argue that whatever crimes Trump had committed was because he had mental problems.

As in Watergate, and in the Mueller investigation, it is the attempted coverup that brings down the cheater.

VP Pence, act soon, since you have to get registered for all of the primaries.

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