Did Conspiracy Theories Entrap Trump Into Five Impeachment Counts?

Did Conspiracy Theories Entrap Trump Into Five Impeachment Counts?

Trump has often been criticized for not trusting his intelligence agencies, or the Department of State.  Now, it is clear that he was believing in right wing conspiracy theories rather than his own intelligence agencies or the MSM, main stream media.  It appears that he really believed in the conspiracy theories:

The erased emails on Hillary’s server were or should be classified.

The Democratic “server” was actually in Ukraine.  (What?).  And that some Democrat hacked the Democrats, rather than the Russians (What?)  Ukraine was also where Hillary’s server had been copied to.  So it’s not a just a question of impeachment.  Trump supporting Republicans now have to sign onto crazy conspiracy theories as well!  Gee, I wonder if anybody can remember who was the main backer of Birtherism?

Was Biden’s son doing anything amiss in Ukraine?  Or was Hunter Biden just doing what Trump’s children or Trump is doing to make money from his Presidency?

(1). But to add to this, Trump and Rudy tried to blackmail Ukraine’s President Zelensky to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden, with a corrupt prosecutor.  This is clearly forcing foreign influence in a US Presidential election, which is much worse than just not trying to stop it.

Was Hunter Biden doing anything amiss in China?  Trump sent somebody to try to find out, presumably with Chinese help.

(2). Why is Trump abusing the State Department by collecting all emails with Hillary and labeling all of them as classified?  Is Trump just hung up again on proving that he was always right about everything, in this case that Hillary’s erased emails were or could be classified?  This may turn into a purge of Democrats from the Deep State of State.

(3). Trump told the Russian ambassador in the Oval Office that he didn’t care if the Russians had hacked and interfered in the 2016 election.  So he did believe that the Russians did the hacking?  The conspiracy theory would have been that someone else did the hacking (the 400 pound kid in New Jersey on his bed).

So Trump has been falling for Fox News conspiracies (previously Glen Beck), or internet scams.

This would go with Trump’s retweeting of unchecked white-supremacy sites.

Should we feel sorry for Trump for being so misled? 

First of all, Trump has more information available, including the four relevant intelligence agencies and 3 million federal employees, and federally funded researchers, than any President or person in the history of the world.  

Second, he has better available 24 hour instant medical care, including mental health, than anybody has ever had.  He doesn’t need to make appointments, wait weeks, then get referred to a specialist, then wait more weeks, then wait for medicine to be approved, then scheduling a follow up appointment.  Instant and complete medical care!  

(4.). Third, all of the MSM has fact checked everything he has said or tweeted, almost instantly, and in doing so has found more than 12,000 distortions or lies, just during his term in office.  Nobody has ever had such fact checking service, and it is all free!  If he has been misled, it can only be that he has the most closed mind in the history of the world (Trump loves super superlatives), or that he has surrounded himself with the most obsequious cabinet and White House advisers and staff than any President has, ever.

So, Trump has only himself to blame for his misperceptions.  Then, his Super Narcissistic mental illness would never allow him to admit that he made a mistake, or was misled.

(5).  Now, Trump’s team is organizing the Greatest Wall of Denial Ever, paid for at government expense, starting with Attorney General Barr and his Department of Partisan Justice.  This started with making all of Trump’s talks with foreign leaders into classified documents, although they are not normally classified.  Why are they classified, certainly not from the other or opposing countries, who are taping the talks on their side already?  They are just being kept from Americans, starting with Congressional oversight.  There are six committees in the House investigating Trump.  In the past, it has usually been the coverup or interference with justice that has justified impeachment, as in the Mueller investigation.

Whistleblowers are supposed to be protected.  Trump called for his or her exposure, as well as the “treasonous spies” who fed the whistleblower information.  Did Trump tell all 12 listeners to the Zelensky talk that this was classified?  Today, Stephen Miller called the whistleblower a “deep state operator” and a “saboteur”.  Doesn’t this violate the protections of the Fifth Amendment and the Whistleblower law?  At least we can get rid of  Steven Miller, who is not immune from prosecution.  This name calling has set the conspiracy internet in a search for the whistleblower, and will intimidate future whistleblowers, and endanger the lives of them and their families, as well as those who have already been pointed at.  Threatening a witness is a crime.

Update:  9/30, Trump has now called Representative Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, a Fraud and a Traitor.  Trump has now suggested that Schiff be arrested.  Will AG Barr actually turn into RoboAG and carry out the President’s order?  It is now stated that AG Barr went abroad and questioned Trump’s contacts with Russia in the Mueller probe, and Russian interference in the 2016 election.  RoboAG went to the UK and Italy, and Trump called Australian intelligence to get foreign powers to investigate the US investigation.  None of this helps prevent Russian interference in the 2020 election.  Will we ever learn what Putin has on Trump?  Probably only if Trump stops whitewashing Russian interference.

Trump has already started using his Impeachment as an excuse for not acting on Anything, except, of course, still getting rid of all regulations and California’s CAFE standards exemption, and building The Wall.  Trump has said that he can’t act on gun safety, or on immigration policy, although he creates new immigration barriers and cruelty every morning.

Of course, we expect that Manipulative Mitch will try to block Senate action of impeachment by his newly invented Senate rule:  “Not during an election year.  Let the voters decide.”  And in any case, the 53-47 Republican Senate majority would never achieve a 67 vote impeachment majority.  Well I was wrong.  Mitch says he must take up the impeachment, but could get an immediate vote on not taking it up.  So I was right.

Just a reminder about Watergate in the ‘70s.  69 government officials were charged, and 48 were found guilty.  And Trump has proved a failure at building Great Walls.  Fact Check:  The Trump Wall may make 500 miles.  The Great Wall of China is 13,170 miles.

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