Trump’s Great Wall of Secrecy

Trump’s Great Wall of Secrecy

Trump’s Cone of Silence

Trump’s Dungeon of Intimidation

Trump’s Nothing to See Here Iron Curtain

Speak, and Trump will call you a Spy, Treasonous, and a Saboteur, with a punishment of death. 

Trump will threaten you to be sought and hounded by his vigilantes

Update 10/2:  Trump is threatening to sue the Congress.  However, there is a Speech or Debate Clause in Article I of the Constitution, which does not allow the Congress to be prevented from speech and debate, except not applying to Mitch and his Senate.  There are exceptions for Treason, Felony, and Breach of the Peace, however, which could be why Trump has been using the words Treason and suggesting arrests for Fraud in the last few days.  Again, a wall on investigations and communications.  Apparently the Congress is investigating the investigators who are investigating the investigators.  Trump wants to investigate the investigators who are …

The 17 American Intelligence units and Department of Justice apparently cannot by trusted to carry out a Trump Conspiracy Investigation, so countries with current right wing governments have to be sought to do it.  This is Australia, Italy, and the United Kingdom.  Ukraine was being forced to rehire a corrupt prosecutor to carry out their own investigation.  

Barr was caught flat footed meeting with Italians.

I remember when Trump belittled Hillary for using even secure emails, saying that he sent trusted messengers instead.  Remember, Hillary had over 60,000 emails and communicated worldwide.  This is why Trump has to send Rudy and AG Barr Around the World in 80 Days, rather than using diplomatic mail or phone calls.  So they are really carrying out secret missions which Trump would never want revealed.  This is why all testimony to Congress will be squelched, discredited, and witnesses threatened.

Trump is also threatening the lives of Congressmen who are leading the investigation.

Trump has the White House staff individually committing crimes by hunting down the whistle blower’s identity, as well as the “leakers”.  Run for your lives, whitehouse staff.

Who knew that the three coconspirators were conspiratorial believers?  Probably the President who screened and hired them.

More likely, reopening the Russian investigation will make Trump look worse in collaborating with Russians.  And the cover up of the world investigations opens whole new needs for investigation.

 Methinks he doth protest too much.

Note, we are all paying the salaries and air fares of all of these public servants who are keeping Trump’s Secrets.

By the way, when I describe a document as “Perfect”, that is because I have re-edited it a dozen times, and even had it checked by an English expert.  When Trump describes the secretly filed account of his call as “Perfect”, does he really mean the same thing?  Or was the wording of the call prewritten, including all the phrases of “Plausible Deniability”?  The Deniability phrases used were the usual ones:  people are saying that, people would like you to look into, Rudy and Bill Barr will deliver a message to you.  This may finally come down to the meaning of the word “though” though, as in Trump’s “I would like you to do US a favor, though”.  Also, who is “us”?

Now, CNN is discussing Trump’s Moat with alligators and snakes.  Trump’s Truth is stranger than my fiction.

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