The Trump Apocalypse

The Trump Apocalypse

One thinks of the Apocalypse coming with its traditional four horsemen.  But with VP Pence calling on all countries to investigate the Democratic candidates, and all of the involved people, and all of the whistleblowers, and all of the sources of documents, and the 12 White House people necessary to listen to The Talk between Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky, this is now looking like Medusa and her head of a hundred snakes.  The idea of snakes was suggested by Trump himself.  The point of Medusa is that anyone who looked at her to ask any questions was immediately turned to stone, which describes Trump’s response to all subpoenas and requests for documents.  It also describes the response to this treasonous scandal of all Republicans, who have now been turned stone faced.

Of course there are four horsemen who were chosen to hand and head carry Trump’s Biden investigation demands around the world, along with threats of pressure to force foreign leaders to carry out these investigations and return some scandal that would please Trump.  I won’t jump to any conclusions until we hear some public testimony, and the judgement of experts in these areas.  

However, it is already apparent that Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer and unappointed State Department Potentate Extraordinaire, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chief of Conspiracy Theories on Clinton and Benghazi, are two of the leading horsemen.  They have carried the apocalyptic messages to Ukraine, Australia, Italy, the United Kingdom, and maybe France was mentioned.  Then again, Trump himself is the lead fifth horseman.  Then, there is VP Pence who has chosen to ride in lock step with Trump, but also asking all countries to follow their lead.  Finally, there is the conspiratorial oriented Attorney General William Barr, who is apparently totally in the dark, but who has been continually saddled up for the ride.  Apparently, many other horsemen are being dragged into the valley of political death with these charges of the far-right brigade.  (Apologies to Lord Tennyson.).  Remember, in the Mueller investigation of the Trump Campaign’s attempts to collude with Russia, there were more than 100 person-contacts attempted.

I wrote an article advising VP Pence to invoke the 25th amendment before this got out of hand, and to save himself, Republicans, and the country.  Unfortunately, after being dragged to the bus by Trump, Pence decided to crawl under the bus by himself.

Trump tried to publicly get China to investigate Hunter Biden’s investment company there.  But Trump prefaced it by implying what great pressure he could wield.  China is in many ways the World’s most growing country, with a proud and ancient history.  It had just lavishly and pompously celebrated its 70 years of Communism.  Trump greatly insulted them with his implied threat of great power over them.  Of course they declined, but in a countering way against Trump, by saying that the US would have to solve its Democracy problems by itself.

I, myself, feel insulted when Trump called House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of Hollywood, California, “Shifty Schiff”.   Rep. Schiff is Jewish, and this slanderous nickname has the centuries old anti-Semitic connotation that Jews are not fair and honest businessmen.  Trump had previously insulted Rep. Schiff as “liddle’ Schiff” from Trump’s past pre-kindergarten days, when he bullied all of the smaller children, and undoubtedly all of the girls.  Trump’s insults match the five year old vocabulary that he has.  Maybe too many concussions from the kids who fought back.

But, I remember the old exhortation:  “If you don’t have anything nice to say about somebody, don’t say anything.”  Fat chance, when our Constitutional Government and Democracy is at stake.

But Trump has raised a crucial mathematical question.  If you double down every day, how many days does it take until you reach some sort of natural limit.  There are, after all, only 200 or so countries in the World to ask for assistance.  Two to the eighth power is 256, so he can’t keep this up for more than a week.  There are something like 4,000 political appointees, who Trump could get involved, or seek support from.  Two to the twelfth power is 4,096, so that would last about two weeks.  There are an increasing number of whistleblowers and leakers.  Many of the two million federal workers must be well aware that the cabinet and political appointees are violating the department rules.  If they double the leakers every day, since two to the 10th is 1,024, then two to the 20th is a million, and two million is two to the 21st.  That could at most last three weeks.   Perhaps, the number of voters who favor impeachment doubles every day.  Since that is already at half, that only adds another day.  Hold onto your horses, it’s going to be bumpy ride.

Trump never considers the reflexology and hypocrisy of his statements.  This was pointed out on Saturday by New York Times editorialist Alex Kingsbury, who said Trump has now issued an open invitation for all of the world’s countries to investigate any corruption by Donald Trump, including his worldwide financing and International Hotels, Resorts, Golf Courses, and hundreds of labelings.  By the way, the Trump family loans from international friends are at least 100 times Hunter Biden’s salaries.

The second whistleblower uses the same law firm as the first.  The firm has stated that they now have “multiple whistleblowers”.  The dictionary says that “multiple” can mean more than one, or more than two.  By the way, two whistleblowers is a flute duet, three is a trio, and four is a quartet.

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