Limiting Speech in China and in Trump’s America

Limiting Speech in China and in Trump’s America

In a set of recent events, we see that both China and Trump and his Administration are attempting to confine and control speech on both sides of the Pacific.  Is Trump winning this contest?

Rockets vs. NBA, Owners, and Business

The Houston Rockets general manager privately tweeted support for the Hong Kong protestors.  Compared to Tien An Min, the Communist Regime has been relatively mild, with a longer term view.  I sympathize with the youthful protestors who see their new autonomous region being challenged, and a lifetime of Communist conformity.  If they don’t defend it now, it will be gone.  The NBA response is to protect their $4 billion Chinese broadcast and merchandise market, but NBA Commissioner Adam Smith defended free speech.  The Chinese over-reaction, like Trump’s usual over-reaction to the slightest provocation, only shows to Chinese basketball fans how oppressive their government is, and how little they can do about it.

Colin Kapernick vs. Trump

This sports purity of non-essence recalls Kapernick’s silent kneeling vs. Trump and Pence trying to make political and patriotic points off of this, bringing much more attention to it than Kapernick could have brought himself.  The severe consequence is that Kapernick was dropped and not rehired.  Thanks to Nike for preserving his image.  He was before his time, considering what we know now.

Fox News, one down, one or more to go, thanks to Trump.

While the connection of Fox News to Trump is both the Regime Press, and the Official Presidential Influencer.  But they were not 100% pure in essence.  Trump’s Retaliative Compulsion also acted to prevent his Fox watching devotees from even getting an inkling of the true free press.  So he got Shep Smith deposed.  Without a pause, Trump is now working over Chris Wallace.  Of course, China totally controls its press, and would not accurately report the Hong Kong protests.

Trump’s Obsequions

Trump has rattled the chains of his robotic obsequions, so AG Barr came out denouncing the press under a Religious Conspiracy.  Trump’s campaign manager, instead of smoothing over the master’s barbs, calls Democrats seditious, and insists that Pelosi should resign.  

China’s Hong Kong Arrests vs. Trump’s Dog Whistle Threats

Trump and his obsequions have been dog-whistling just to threaten opposition politicians, or whistle-blowers.  This is unprecedented, unethical, and unheard of.  But now, to top it off, Trump’s radical supporters took the Church Murder Scene from the movie:  “Kingsman:  The Secret Service” and pasted over faces with Trump’s enemies, and had the agent appear as Trump shooting all of them.  This would have been bad enough created by a nobody on the internet, but this was created by a Trump group, shown at a Trump event, held at the Trump National Doral Miami, which he is trying to sell as the meeting place of the G-7.  I guess the dogs just weren’t picking up the subtle clues.  The start of the Hong Kong protests was a bill that would have let China take troublemakers out of Hong Kong for trials.

China’s Uighurs Action, and Trump Action Against Somali Refugees

The Chinese are “re-educating” and imprisoning a million Muslim Uighur for desiring their automatous government.  Trump has never criticized this.  In contrast, Trump goes to Minnesota and in the home district of Somali Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar, sets her up for blame by banishing any future Somali refugees, which he had already done initially with the Muslim ban.  He rails on her as the face of the Democratic Party.  She does Represent the main Somali settlement in America in Minneapolis.   Some 36,000 to 150,000 Somali refugees live in Minnesota, and 80% live in Minneapolis.

Trump-Rudy-Barr in China and the Ukraine

Trump’s call for China to investigate Hunter Biden under the threat of pressure from the US, and to kowtow to us, was of course a great insult to all Chinese and to their People’s Republic.  They told us to solve the problems of our Democracy by ourselves, with a tongue-in-cheek commentary on Democracies.

Trump pressured Ukraine with an improper denial of much needed arms as directed by Congress, in order for them to bad mouth the Bidens.  He also set AG Bill “Indiana Jones” Barr to find the lost ark or server of the Democrats which was conspiratorially hidden in the Ukraine, of all places.  They also had the apocryphal Hillary’s erased emails.  By the way, Mt. Ararat, of Noah’s Ark, is in Anatolia in Eastern Turkey, where some Kurds are. 

Well, upon careful consideration of the suppressions above, it’s still a tossup.  But, Trump has only just begun.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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