America’s Plethora of State Departments

America’s Plethora of State Departments

No, I don’t mean departments of the State Department, I mean separate and conflicting “State Departments”.  This is why the Ukrainian Affair(s) are so complicated.  Let me just list them for brief.  Those that have been following the news don’t need further elaboration.  Those that are unconcerned, won’t read to the bottom anyway, and won’t read details. The order does not indicate who is in charge, or most important.  That is decided on the spur of the moment by the Very Stable Genius, which, for sure, no mere human can comprehend.  Here is the list.

  1. Donald Trump, now.
  2. Donald Trump, yesterday.
  3. Donald Trump, tomorrow.
  4. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and his political appointees.
  5. The @real professional State Department (@deep) 75,514 employees.
  6. Previous State Department professionals, who can only shake their heads.
  7. Previous Trump advisors, except those in jail, who can only shake their heads
  8. Rudy Giuliani, personal lawyer of the United States (PLOTUS).
  9. Son-in-Law of the United States (SLOTUS), Jared Kushner.
  10. Daughter of the United States (DOTUS), Ivanka Trump.
  11. Fox News and commentators.
  12. Conspiracy theorists on the web.
  13. Exxon (“We’ll keep the oil”)
  14. Fossil fuel oilgarchs, like Murray, Koch, and Hamm (kill the Paris Agreement)
  15. Finally?, Vladimir Putin, the most important one.

Still to be elucidated is Paul Manafort’s and Secretary of Energy Rick Perry’s roles.  The question is how the small country of Ukraine, with 41 million, and 5,000 miles from D.C., became such a nexus of involvement.  Maybe it was number 15, above?

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