The March Democratic Primaries Have 60.8% of all Delegates

The March Democratic Primaries Have 60.8% of all Delegates 

Having covered the Super Tuesday 16 entities, we now cover the other March dates.  They add 11 states and 2 territories.

March 10, 6 States with 416 Delegates

Idaho 25

Michigan 147, a swing state

Mississippi 41

Missouri 78

N. Dakota 18

Washington 107

March 14, 1 Territory with 11 Delegates

Northern Marianas 11

March 17, 4 States with 663 Delegates

Arizona 78, a swing state

Florida 248, a swing state

Illinois 184

Ohio 153

March 24, 1 State with 120 Delegates

Georgia 120

March 29, 1 Territory with 59 Delegates

Puerto Rico 59

Super Tuesday will have 1,614 delegates, which are 34.0% of all delegates.

The other March entities add 1,269 delegates, which are 26.7% of all delegates.

The total March delegates are 2,883, which are 60.8% of all delegates

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