Trump’s Criticism of Ambassador Yovanovitch

Trump’s Criticism of Ambassador Yovanovitch

Trump’s justified his twittering denigration of our former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, as exercising his “free speech”.  He said that things “turned bad” when she was ambassador to Somalia.  Trump’s critics have said that things were already bad there.  I was at least uplifted because I realized that that gave me the free speech to write about Trump.  Then I thought about that more.

As is always the case with Trump, he has no sense of Irony, or what could be called Reflexivity.  Trump has tweeted over seventeen thousand times since the start of his campaign.  He has told over 13,000 lies since he became President.  Most of those tweets and lies condemned the Free Press and other’s free speech as “Fake News”.  He has even threatened to crack down on free speech.

This is just one example of Trump’s assertion of rights, which others don’t have, and that he wished they didn’t have.  Listing those would exceed my article length, but we have the recent claims that he cannot even be investigated for non-federal crimes, or that his accounting firm cannot be allowed to turn over his income taxes, or that the Congress cannot examine his taxes, as they can anybody else’s, or that he is free from emolument charges.  He also has asserted “Absolute Rights”, which aren’t allowed to anybody, as far as I can tell.

Another thing, is Trump actually is the nominator and employer of Ambassadors.  However, all Federal employees are entitled to confidential personnel files.  Trump clearly violated that rule and principle when he rated her publicly.

There is a fundamental fallacy in logic known as “After it, therefore, because of it.”  Just because an Ambassador took their position before a country “turned bad”, which is not the case here even, does not mean that that single person caused the country to “turn bad”.

Finally, if we are to judge government employees by whether foreign countries turn bad while they are in charge of US relations with those countries, look at how our relations with all of our allies and trading partners have “turned bad” during Trump’s Presidency.  Also, look at how he has been super friendly to our opponents Russia and North Korea.  Look how he has bungled nuclear disarmaments with Iran and North Korea.  Look at how he has sacrificed human rights concerns in deference to arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and China’s suppression of the Uighurs for a trade agreement, and to our allies the Kurds in fighting ISIS in obeisance to the Turkish dictator, and to asylum seekers from Central America for white nationalism.  Look at how possible solutions over Palestine have “turned bad”.  And, finally, look at how he has abandoned struggling Ukraine, the main hot spot with Russian aggression, to further his own re-election, and how that “turned” so “bad” that it stinks.  Which brings us back to why Trump is being impeached in the first place.

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