Trump’s Impeachment Shorts

Trump Shorts, Going Far Back in Time, for a Whole Week

As usual, Trumpworld moves too fast, into realms beyond imagination.

Was it Rick Perry’s corruption in Ukraine that Trump knew about and used to force him to say that Trump was “ordained by God” to be President.  Trump is “the Chosen One”.  Well, Rick Perry was two times Governor of Texas in the Bible Belt.  What gives one the shakes is that Rick Perry is Secretary of Energy, and more than half of their budget goes to developing and managing our nuclear arsenal.  It also runs nuclear reactors, and funds much scientific research, including national labs.  These are all secular fields.

This, plus watching the CNN special hour on Trump’s lies, plus speculation on Trump’s perhaps emergency hospital visit, all converge in my wish that doctors and psychiatrists should be more worried about Trump’s brain and mental health.  A single letter by Einstein to President Roosevelt on the dangers that the million-fold increase in energy release by nuclear fusion as opposed to chemical processes could lead to an atom bomb led immediately to the Manhattan Project, involving hundreds of our best scientists and unmatched dedication to pursue the project.  Yet Trump’s lack of guilt in lies, conspiracy theory fantasies, obeisance to Putin, narcissism, kingly actions, lack of guilt in cheating in elections, et cetera, has not called forth a massive investigation of Trump’s mental health by responsible psychiatrists, mental tests by psychologists, and brain scans by neurologists, before he is allowed to be the sole human who could launch us into a nuclear annihilation.  Not only do we and Russia now have 4,500 nuclear weapons each, but they are tens of times more powerful than the WWII atomic weapons.  The framers of the 25th Amendment on replacing a President had to have had something like this involved, in 1965.

Last week I attended an inaugural presentation of UCI Brain, uniting many UCI brain research institutes.  They mentioned the Compassion Institute at UCSD, a Kindness Institute, and Prof. Loftus’ studies on creating false memories.  UCI also has the Institute of Learning and Memory.  You can make your own association of these to The Mind of Trump.

I was going to joke that I hope Trump didn’t accidentally drive by a windmill and catch a cancer.  However, things immediately turn much more serious when Trump is involved. 

As a surprise beyond imagination, the Ranking Republican Member of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, who has done a lot of the nasty name-calling to patriotic government servants in the impeachment investigation, was hiding his own efforts to find dirt on the Bidens in Ukraine, even a year ago.  He not only must recuse himself but should withdraw or be withdrawn from this committee, if not all of his committees.  Trump’s corruption and self-aggrandizement is a Plague that infects all those loyal to him. It’s vaccination is a dedication to country, instead of to a corrupt President.

I have always been upset about Stephen Miller guiding racist and religious bigotry and persecution from the White House, but felt like a voice in the wilderness.  Now, with the revelations of his 900 Breitbart emails which show him clearly to be a white nationalist, he must be immediately kicked out, and all the policies which he set in motion be revealed and corrected.  I am very happy that several Jewish organization called for Miller’s resignation.  To add insult to injury, Trump’s press secretary called the attacks on Miller anti-semitism, since he was born to a Jewish family.  To me and others, being a Jew is a high moral commitment, involving humanitarianism, sympathy, and empathy.  We are deeply embarrassed by a Jewish born person who is perfidious, and can be used to bring great discredit to real Jews.  Miller is not a real Jew, and Trump’s press secretary was very insulting to real Jews.

The Republican lack of response or responsibility to Trump’s impeachment actions remind me of the reason sheep flock together, the safety herd.

The threat of the Senate calling Hunter Biden as a witness in the impeachment Trial, is a biting self-indictment of the Republican Party and their Senators, in joining the conspiracy with Trump to smear the Bidens.  It says that the unpatriotic action is not just Trump and those who he directs, but that it is now the entire Republican Senate, as well.

Clearly, our ancient and revised Constitution is being severely tested by a highly corrupt President, who has surrounding himself with acting governing sycophants or unscrupulously ambitious men and women, and who is politically blackmailing his party legislators with threats of his control over his core constituency.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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