The Collision and Mistreatment of Three Trump Investigations in One Day

The Collision and Mistreatment of Three Trump Investigations in One Day

What a contrast.  I only watched a part of the Judiciary Impeachment Summary today, but it was quite clear that the House Republicans only wanted to state that there was no evidence of impeachable acts for the Trump followers and Trumpian News Media, despite these acts being apparent.  There is so much circumstantial evidence, even without the smoking gun.  Trump, himself, has denied the Congress all of the witnesses and documents.  He has locked his real call transcript “accidentally” in the highest classified safe.

Contrast that with the other report today, of the DOJ independent investigation of whether the investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign was a political plot, as Trump and Attorney General William Barr have claimed.  There were mistakes, but no evidence of the political plot.  Yet, Barr and Republicans see a smoking arsenal there, even though nothing showed up.  

Yet, Trump and his hand chosen cohort do not give up.  Rudy is still scouring Ukraine for anything to feed the mob.  Trump could have produced any evidence or witness accounts to the House committees, but he chose not to.  He could have submitted Rudy or his video, which will be shown in the media, but apparently, not as evidence.  Also, AG Barr had to disown his own DOJ Inspector General report, and then say that he is starting yet another investigation.  Remember, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had to go through NINE Benghazi investigations!

So Trump is denying forcing conspiracy theories in Ukraine, at the same time as he is still forcing conspiracy theories in our own DOJ, and sending Rudy back to Ukraine to force a conspiracy theory.

But, things move on so fast, so don’t overthink this.

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