The United States and the World in the Freedom in the World 2019 Ratings

We show graphs in the Freedom House report “Freedom in the World 2019” by Freedom House at, for both the United States, and for World countries.

We show the decline in the US Freedom rating over 10 years from 2009 through 2018, from 94 to 86, on a scale from 0 to 100.  The lowest ratings are during the two years of the Trump Presidency.

Compared to our peer countries, above, we have more improvement to strive for.

We examine the democracies which have undergone large recent declines below.


Below is a world map, where countries are classified in three categories:  Free Countries are Green, Partly Free are Yellow, and Not Free are Blue.


We show segments of a circular graph with all world countries, from most free to least.  The radial axis goes from 0% to 100%, with white circles at 75%, 50%, and 25%.

The next segment contains the United States at 86%, and in Gray, indicating no change.  Red is a decline, and Blue is a gain in Freedom.

In the next set of countries, they decline below the 75% level.

The next set includes Mexico at about the 60% level.

The next set descends from the 50% level to the 25% level.

This set partly shows those above, and descends below the 25% level.  Below 25% are current countries in the news:  Yemen, China, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Vietnam, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Iraq.

The lowest rated countries start with Syria, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and go through Yemen and China.



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