To Mitch “Stonewall” McConnell: Thanks for Making Your Impeachment Coverup So Obvious

To Mitch “Stonewall” McConnell:  Thanks for Making Your Impeachment Coverup So Obvious

Also, as a plus, there are going to be several roll call votes on the Whitewash procedures, which will shade the Republican Senator’s participation in the coverup.  The outcome may also just be a motion to dismiss, so that Republicans don’t have to record a vote on the charge of guilt or innocence. 

The evidence in the House hearings and the subsequent new press and interview revelations have already convinced 51% that President Trump is guilty.  About 69% want a real trial with real documentary evidence and even new witnesses.  That includes 48% of Republicans.

A major part of the President’s lawyers’ arguments is that the actions do not justify impeachment.  The Republican Senators can simply get away with voting that whatever took place, it was not impeachable.

Most of the public are not lawyers, and especially, not the rare Constitutional law experts.  They may not be able to make up their minds on the impeachable issue.  They also could not fault the Republican Senators for their votes.  That is the outcome that we expected.

But, thanks to Stonewall Mitch’s highly rewarded propensity to Stonewall, he has turned the “trial” into a farce.  Denying even the House hearing records.  Requesting no documents and witnesses.  Cutting news coverage.  Confining arguments to two days on each side, forcing 12 hour days into the past midnight hour.  However, that is still prime time on the West Coast.  Causing us West Coast Democrats to just gnash our teeth in frustration.  Only the Shadow knows what further Mitch coverups lurk in the Senate’s Shadows (a really old radio show).

Everybody can see a Farce occurring, and be influenced accordingly.  Thanks, Mitch, for making our judgement so easy for us.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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