Day One of the Full Trump Impeachment Defense

Some thoughts on Day One of the Full Trump Impeachment Defense

“If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit”. The gist of an hour of Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz.   If it wasn’t specifically treason or bribery, or similar, you can’t impeach the President.   But, it was a crime of bribery to influence an election!  It think committing it to win your own election, is also treason!  It’s amazing how fast CNN can have another legal dismiss these arguments.

Pam Bondi and Eric Herschmann turned the President’s defense into a two hour slander against Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, accomplishing the embarrassment of the Bidens, which Trump is being impeached for attempting.  So much for the argument that Democrats were impeaching just to win the next election.  This is undoubtedly another doubling down under the direction of puppeteer Trump.  

They blamed Joe Biden for kicking out the corrupt prosecutor who was investigating Barisma.  The prosecutor was desired removed by all Europeans.  Fun fact about Pam Bondi, when considering whether to file a Florida suit against Trump University, when Trump gave her a $25,000 campaign contribution, she dropped the case.  The same crime that she was accusing Joe Biden of.  Of course, since the President’s side gets the last arguments, the House cannot counter this for days in the trial itself.  “We stoop to conquer.”  At one point, Eric said that Hunter had collected hundreds of millions of dollars.  Even at a million a year for five years, it wasn’t more than 5 million.

I was hoping that Hunter would come up.  Trump does not understand reflectivity.  Now the Trump family emoluments in hundreds of millions of dollars are open game.  By the way, you hire board members because they look good on company stationary.  Not because they are every day engineers or accountants.  I don’t approve of Hunter’s doing this, but it is not illegal, so what can I say?  Oh yes, making it look like poor judgement, does not justify Trump’s $391 million illegal withholding funds, or the attempted bribery.

The Republican Senators who give Trump a pass on impeachment are not only going to be responsible as more testimony and documents come forth on the impeachable actions, but as more election cheating occurs, and as Trump makes more assaults with his Absolute Powers like the Hulk, or Thanos.

Trump brought back the ghost of Ken Starr, the actual witch-hunter impeacher of Bill Clinton.  The hunt started with investigating a mere $300,000 Whitewater loan, and ended up with a continued sexual case.  The House did not even take up Trump’s 64 accused sexual harassments.  Of course, Starr was arguing against any impeachments.

And that was only the full first day.  I only watched part of it, and drifted off to other things.

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