Locations of US and California Coronavirus Patients, as of Feb. 28

Locations of US and California Coronavirus Patients, as of February 28.

The Johns Hopkins list of Coronavirus cases worldwide, also shows which cities in the United States have such patients.  Here is the list as of this morning.

Two cases in each city or county:  Chicago, IL; Sacramento County, CA; San Benito, CA; San Diego County, CA; and Santa Clara, CA.  These contain 8 in California, and 10 total.  Today, a third case was announced from Santa Clara County.

One case in each city or county:  Boston, MA; Humboldt County, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Madison, WI; Orange, CA; San Antonio, TX; Seattle, WA; and Tempe, AZ.  These contain 3 in California, and 8 overall.  As I am watching Rachel Maddow, there is now an Oregon case.

Update, Feb. 29.  Unfortunately, the patient in Seattle died.  It was the first US Coronavirus fatality.  There are now 7 cases in Washington State.  The US now has 71 cases.  An entire nursing home is now suspected of having the Coronavirus.

The NY Times Science and Health reporter being interviewed, Donald McNeil, said that we have 75,000 ventilators, but might need 750,000.  The CDC webpage said that they are redoing the test kits to be accurate, but gave no date or amount expected.  McNeil said that we should also be seeking WHO testing kits.  He said that the quarantining of so many health care workers could be a real problem as the pandemic spreads.

The total of US cases above is 20, with 12 in California, including the new Santa Clara County case and the new Oregon case.

The Solano County case, one of the Santa Clara cases, and the new Oregon case are with patients who got community transmission, without coming from China, or having contact with somebody known from China.

The Oregon patient is a school district employee, and visited the Forest Hills Elementary School in Lake Oswego.  They are closing the school through early next week.  Other people are being monitored.

From Johns Hopkins, the two in Chicago have recovered, as well as one patient in Boston, San Diego County, Santa Clara, Seattle, and Tempe, for a total of seven recovered in the US, including 2 in California.

This count leaves out those that were among those from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.  They will no longer be moved to Costa Mesa, since they are almost through with their quarantine.  Of those returned from Wuhan or the Diamond Princess by the State Department, there were 44 cases.

From the Associated Press, California now has 9,380 people who are being monitored as having flown here from China recently.

California now has been given 1200 Coronavirus testing kits, having used up its original 200 ones.

The patient from Solana County was from Vacaville, and she had dozens of contacts.  Officials are also now expecting cases among hospital workers.  At the UC Davis Medical Center, 124 health care workers were sent home for self-monitoring.

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