March 25. Grocery Shopping in the Coronavirus Era

March 25.  Grocery Shopping in the Coronavirus Era

I went shopping in a large market away from the University, but still found the paper shelf empty.  They even had posted a limit on one box of Kleenex per customer.  They closed off one of the entrances.  At the main entrance, someone handed you a hand wipe, which I also used to wipe off the bar on the cart.  Other than paper towels, they had everything that I wanted.  They had a single line to feed checkout lines, which was a series of rectangles, though maybe not 6 feet in length.  Then each available checker would signal you when you could approach their counter.  I had to take all my items from my reusable shopping bags for checking.  Then, I had to bag them myself, and put them into my cart.  I was careful not to handle items that I wasn’t going to buy.

I finally saw another reference than a few days ago, that the Coronavirus was airborne.  It was by a doctor on Samantha Bee.  That will reach a lot of people.

191 million Americans are now under stay at home orders.

The Senate has passed the now $2.2 trillion economic rescue package.  The House members have been at home, and will review it, to see if they can pass it by unanimous consent.

We present a table of the states or domains with leading cases, and their percent increase today.

Domain Cases Percent Increase
US 69,018 25.4%
NY 33,030 25.2%
NJ 4,407 19.9%
CA 3,161 23.4%
WA 2,600 5.31%
MI 2,296 28.1%
FL 1,977 34.8%
IL 1,869 21.6%
MA 1,838 58.6%
LA 1,795 29.3%
GA 1,387 26.4%
TX 1,331 33.2%
PA 1,284 35.7%
CO 1,087 19.2%
TN 916 18.7%
CN 875 41.6%
OH 704 24.2%
WI 637 32.4%
NC 624 23.1%
Canada 3,404 21.9%
Mexico 405 10.4%
Brazil 2,554 13.7%
Los Angeles County 814 23.0%
Orange County 187 23.0%


The New York Times has a comprehensive list of cases and deaths by States, and by Counties.  We list the leading counties in New York, which has the largest number of US cases, 30,811, as of this afternoon.  They have 285 deaths.  New York City, with the largest number of county cases, 17,857, has 199 of the state’s deaths.  New York City has 58% of the state’s cases.  In New York City, 3,750 or 21.0% are now hospitalized, and 840 or 4.7% are in ICUs.  These agree with the 20%, and 5% numbers that came out of China.

County in New York Cases
New York City 17,857
Westchester 4,690
Nassau 3,285
Suffolk 2,260
Rockland 968
Orange 638

In the New York Times County list, California has 2,872 cases.  The leading California counties are below.  Los Angeles has 28% of the state’s cases.

California County Cases
Los Angeles 799
Santa Clara 375
San Diego 242
San Francisco 181
San Mateo 165
Orange 152


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