March 30 Coronavirus Report. The Flu is Rapidly Declining.

March 30 Coronavirus Report.  The Flu is Rapidly Declining.

Some very good news.  The flu is rapidly declining, both A and B.  Here are the graphs.

The A flu is the yellow bars added onto the green B flu.  Also lightly, in dashed yellow is the A flu by itself.  The flu has produced about 20,000 deaths so far.  The decline is also good news because it keeps flu patients from impacting the health system which will be overwhelmed with Coronavirus patients.  It also saves the cost to the patients and the health insurance companies of treating flu patients.  It also makes more tests available to Coronavirus suspects.

The next good news, is that 248 million Americans are now covered by stay at home directives.  While this is only 29 states, there are 79 counties, 14 cities, and one territory, many in states without directives.  That is 75% of the US population.  Many of the cities and counties are urban, where protection is the most important.  Many of the states not participating are in the Bible Belt, from Texas to Florida, excluding Louisiana, which is badly affected and restricted statewide.

I wondered if dogs could smell the Coronavirus, and found that in the UK they will train medical dogs that can detect malaria and cancer to also detect Coronavirus.

There is a story of most of a choir getting infected by aerosols just by singing for two hours.

From Trump’s Campaign Conference, we have finally reached 1 million Coronavirus tests, or 1 per 320 Americans, and now 100,000 a day, or 1 per 3,200 Americans per day.  In 14 days until a possible peak, we can test 1.4 million more, around the number of cases to be expected.  I hope the tests are faster than the roughly week turnaround at present.   The costs of the tests are covered.

There will be 20 testing options, including self swabbing and new reagents.

30 million hydrochloroquines and 1 million chloroquine will be distributed to states and hospitals.  1,000 are being tested for its effectiveness in New York.

There are mask cleaning machines for N95.  They clean 120,000 masks per day, and each mask can be cleaned 20 times. 

Abbot labs have a 5 minute test, although Abbot calls it 15 to 5 minutes.  They are starting with the tests in Detroit.

New York City gets 2,900 beds for Javits, and 1,000 beds in the hospital ship Comfort.  FEMA has spent $1.3 billion in NY. Trump called it a lot.  New Yorkers pay $145 billion in federal taxes yearly, or 9.4% of federal taxes.

8,100 ventilators have been delivered.  Ford with GE will produce 50,000 ventilators in 100 days.  Even if they could start immediately, in 14 days, that would be 7,000.  10 companies are working on ventilators.

Asked if the entire nation should be locked down, Dr. Birx mildly said that everyone needs federal guidance, and had to follow recommendations that the whole globe is doing.

Asked if the virus will reoccur in the fall, Dr. Fauci said that there will maybe vaccine rushed by then, and some medicines, and contact tracing and isolating.

Trump is considering if everybody will be asked to wear masks for a short period after the current peak is over.

I don’t understand why Florida is expected to peak in mid-May, but it then could reinfect the country.  So instead of Florida barring New Yorkers as it is doing now, Floridians will be locked in.

There are now over three thousand deaths in the US, at 3,040.  1,227 are in New York, and of those, 914 are in New York City.  Next is 198 deaths in New Jersey, 150 in King County Washington, and 86  in Orleans, Louisiana.

Here is today’s table in different Domains of the Total Cases there, and the Percent Increase over yesterday.

Domain Cases Percent Increase
US 164,274 15.3%
NY 67,384 25.9%
NJ 16,636 49.6%
CA 7,296 29.5%
MI 6,498 39.5%
MA 5,752 35.1%
FL 5,704 41.3%
WA 5,187 20.3%
IL 5,057 44.6%
PA 4,155 42.8%
LA 4,025 21.4%
TX 3,237 28.3%
GA 3,031 23.9%
CO 2,627 27.5%
CT 2,571 68.7%
TN 1,936 28.0%
OH 1,933 37.5%
IN 1,786 45.1%
MD 1,413 14.0%
NC 1,346 26.7%
WI 1,230 16.6%
Canada 7,448 17.8%
Mexico 1,094 29.0%
Brazil 4,661 9.52%
Los Angeles County 2,474 37.1%
Orange County 464 15.1%

Every entry in Percent Increase today is higher or much higher than on Sunday, yesterday.  So there is a depletion of results on Sunday.  So before we flip out, we should just use reports from Tuesday through Friday.   Or make longer term average graphs.  That being said, the domains with low results today are probably in good shape for slowing the rise.

Orange County, CA, has relaxed its restriction on city size, if they have enough cases.  Orange County has a total of 464 cases.  Today, the largest number of cases are in Irvine (43), Anaheim (42), Newport Beach (41), Huntington Beach (33), Santa Ana (22), and Laguna Beach (22).

Wash your hands, socially isolate, and stay as far apart as you can.

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