Trump-Barr Make Up Laws Again, Including Absolute Censorship

Trump-Barr Make Up Laws Again, Including Absolute Censorship

The “Law and Order” “President” and the “Attorney Obsequion” Barr spent the day making up laws, which, coincidentally, violate the Constitution, which they “Swore” to “Obey”.

Where to begin?

Republicans spent eight years under President Obama challenging all Executive Orders, which are really directives for the Executive Branch, but not Laws made by our duly constituted Legislatures, at both Federal and State levels.

Today, Trump signed another Executive Order, making Choke Holds legal, when required for the safety of the officer.  Clearly, all cases will be interpreted this way, even when the suspect is handcuffed, lying on the ground, with four officers holding him down, not resisting, and crying out “I can’t breathe”, for six minutes, before passing out or dying.  Trump has made all Choke Holds legal, thus effectively banning States, counties, and cities from exercising their own rights to pass laws banning or restricting them.  He has also signaled to the Congress that he will not support any laws that they pass to ban or restrict them.  

Trump of course also passes this off as somehow satisfying the Black vote.  The insincerity was emphasized by ignoring all peaceful demonstrators, calling them rioters and looters.  He also claimed that President Obama could have made reforms.  Remember, that Trump cancelled Obama’s Cops Program to train policemen in non-discriminatory practices.

Now we move one to the Trump-Barr Absolute Censorship Doctrine.  AG Barr not only banned John Bolton’s book from being published or distributed on the basis of it containing classified material, but for violating the NDA, non-disclosure agreement, that everybody now has to sign in the White House.  These NDAs never existed before Trump, and have been considered unenforceable for government employees.  The AG should be defending the rights of government employees, including whistleblowers who clearly violate NDAs, rather than trying to enforce them.  NDAs probably don’t appear in any law passed by Congress for federal employees.  (OK, I admit that I am not a Constitutional lawyer, or actually a lawyer, for that matter.)

But wait!  It goes far beyond that!  Trump claims that anything he says as President is Classified Material!  Barr supports that assertion.  So, I am guilty of passing on or writing about anything that I quoted from any of Trump’s Press Conferences on TV, or walks to the helicopter.  But Wait!  All of Trump’s 81 million Twitter followers are guilty of retweeting anything that Trump Tweeted!!!!  Twitter is guilty of publishing any of Trump’s tweets (quick, erase them all).  The Washington Press Corp can finally be locked up.  But Wait!!!  Every interview that Fox News had with Trump and aired can be used to send them to Guantanamo.  Barr has threatened Bolton’s arrest if any already printed copies are not confiscated.  Talk about free and great advanced advertising for the book! 

But Wait!!!  Every time Trump speaks publicly or tweets, he is revealing classified information, and should be locked up, gagged, and then impeached for it!!!!

Finally, we are getting somewhere!

Full disclosure, I bought an advanced on-line copy of Bolton’s book, and am anxiously awaiting for June 23 for it to be released.  I can’t tell you where I bought it, since I am not allowed to advertise on a University blog.  I would also be liable for accessing classified material if I read it, apparently.

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