Politics: Trump, Hannity, Pence, and the Coronavirus

Politics:  Trump, Hannity, Pence, Coronavirus 

Hannity Subverts Trump’s Campaign

How tricky of Fox’s Sean Hannity to ask Trump an unprepared question.  He asked Trump what did he want to accomplish in his next term.  Trump never answered that obvious and most relevant question, to a conventional candidate.  Hasn’t Hannity learned that Trump thinks up a revolutionary and consequential idea in the middle of the night, or from a TV show, or a right wing website, or from Hannity, and tells Jared to fill it out over the weekend.   By then, Trump has had an Executive Order to sign, and half a dozen Excusers saying that he was just joking.  Republicans now are so used to it, that they never publicly question or evaluate the policies.  Their response is “eh”, or “I didn’t see that”.  Yes, there are “only” 130 days until the election, but that is still 130 ideas and embarrassments away.

The Democratic Left, however, expects their candidate to have held the Left’s brand new and untested opinions for their entire political life. 

Trump canceled his appearances this weekend to stay in D.C. and guard the monuments —single handedly, we imagine.  He must have a very long golf drive, because he did this from his golf course in Virginia.  By the way, Trump recently had a Fox interview with Harris Faulkner, sitting under the feet of the statue of Lincoln, who is turning over in his grave, now that Trump is defending any and all Confederate statues, and military base names.  Estimates are that at least 620,000 Americans died in the Civil War, and these old southern heroes were defending slavery.  When will Trump start building statues to the Coronavirus?

Trump’s Pinocchio:  Mike Pence

Meanwhile, Trump dispatched his puppet, Pinocchio Pence, to the First Baptist Church in Dallas Texas.  Pence said he was not going to have a rally in Texas or Florida, but just go and talk to officials of these breakout states.  Yet what to our wonderous eyes appeared, but VP Pence sitting in a Celebrate Freedom Sunday rally at the Church.  He was wearing a mask, emphasizing to Texans that they should too, as TV spots advertised.  But, the hundred person choir was singing full blast with of course no masks.  The last time this was done in Washington State, almost all of the choir came down with the Coronavirus.  The choir pictures shown in the video were often old people, and many of the choir were severely overweight.  The mask Pence wore, is not a protection against inhaling the plentiful aerosol particles released by the choir.  Fortunately, they were about a half a football field away.  We already have dozens of Secret Service who are quarantining after Trump’s Tulsa Coronavirus fiasco.  They should have protected the Vice President from this.  He is, after all, in charge of the war against the Coronavirus. At some point, the VP also spoke to the audience without a mask.  Aerosols can stay aloft for at least a half hour.  Remember when Trump had Pence fly to a football game, just to get up and leave after the national anthem, because one player knelt?  Trump also had Pence fly and drive to his golf resort in Ireland just to spend a night.  Hope Pinocchio Pence never gets his strings tangled, especially with his growing nose.  He gave a great religious speech, bemoaning the 125,000 American deaths, while being the key speaker at a rally designed to increase that.

The Church had a capacity of 3,000, and 2,200 were attending.  That means that they were hardly separated.  About half of those attending were not masked.  Some Texas areas barred any gathering of 100 people, even outside.  Others set the limit at 10.  There are 20,000 known cases in Dallas County, with a population of 2.6 million, so this is about 0.76%.

Tulsa Rally Seating:

It is now revealed that at the Tulsa Rally, the arena had marked every other seat with a do not occupy sign.  Yet before seating, the Republican Campaign removed all of those signs.  One reporter who attended has tested positive.  Will there be any tracing of the people who attended Trump’s rallies, and now Pence’s rally?

Religious Freedom?

This was combined church service and patriotic celebration.  The church website, firstdallas.org has the rally on its front page, along with its senior pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress.  It is an evangelical megachurch, with a membership of 12,000.  According to Wikipedia, Jeffress has spoken out against Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Mormons, and homosexuals.  Jeffress is a member of the White House Evangelical Council.  I think that the Church and Rally had Religious Freedom backwards.  The freedom is from a government adopting any religion.  Yet here you had the Republican Vice President during an election, a Texas Republican Senator Cronyn, the Republican Governor of Texas, and Pence praising the Republican Governor, as part of the Church event.  As to freedom of worship, I’m sure that the secret service scanned everyone who entered, and checked their names against a safety list.  The option to not wear a mask and to have a massive event violated new state and local guidelines, reinforcing the culture war of Republicans.  Everyone seemed to be waving an American Flag, removing any separation between Church and State.  The governor of Texas refused to order masks statewide.  A judge declared that it is up to businesses to require clientele to order masks.  No Republican is willing to be the source of such an order.  The music was great, and I hope the choir, orchestra, and audience stays healthy.

Coronavirus Keeps Exploding

The math of the exponential explosion of a Coronavirus outbreak is the same of that of a nuclear explosion.  Nobody has really emphasized this in such terms.  Today, the World and the United States have passed round number markers.  Total world cases passed 10 million, and deaths passed 500,000.  This is a 5% death rate worldwide.  The United States passed 2.5 million cases, or 25% of the world’s cases, yet we have only 4% of the world’s population.  US deaths passed 125,000, or 5% of US cases.  Two estimates of actual total US cases from the CDC which I heard over the News but could not verify on their sight, were 10 times more than measured, and 6 to 24 times those measured.

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