Totally Masked Trump is Slowly Being Unmasked

Totally Masked Trump is Slowly Being Unmasked

Update:  July 7.  CNN reported from Mary Trump’s expose that Donald Trump hired another student (who she named) to take his S.A.T.’s for him.  This after two days of Trump doubling down on racist statements.  Parents have recently been sentenced to prison for cheating on their children’s SATs and using back doors for admissions.

Trump is always wearing a mask, which covers up whether he has a heart or any morals.  While others wear masks to not propagate virus droplets and aerosols, Trump’s mask still allows him to fully propagate viruses of hate, fear, racism, and political slander.  No mask can contain Trump’s massive Ego and Narcissism.  Even Trump’s most experienced political and Fox News advisors in the White House can’t contain his bad and embarrassing ideas, tweets, retweets, and lies.  By now Trump has obtained a round 20,000 lies or misstatements since he has been in office.  No innuendo, conspiracy theory, accusation, racist or white national retweet is too low for Trump.

Like no other President ever, as he likes to exaggerate, Trump has hidden everything about himself and his family.  He has threatened or actually sued, or bought off, anybody or any institution who has personal or derogatory information about him.  Most importantly, we don’t have any real picture of his health.  Other than bone spurs and living to 200 years of age.  And permanent blond hair, no glasses, and a unique orange hue.  But now, we have yet another book by an experienced Washingtonian about his incompetence by former National Security Advisor John Bolton.  At the end of July, we will see a book by Trump’s niece about Trump, his family, and his businesses and inheritance.  

Trump has fired several prosecutors for investigating him or his colleagues.  He has fired several inspector generals to not investigate him or his associates.  His Attorney General has interfered in cases to remove charges or lower sentences.  

The Supreme Court will rule soon on the revealing of Trump’s taxes, either to the House committee or the New York prosecutors.  They still won’t be made public.

Trump’s continued pursuit of dismantling the Affordable Care Act, now during our worst pandemic in a century, reveals his heartlessness about medical care for the poor.

At the Trump Rally at Mount Rushmore tonight, Trump did not mention the Coronavirus.  Only one out of 20 in the Box with him wore a mask.  Almost none of the 8,000 person audience wore masks, and many were overweight.  Fortunately, it was outside and breezy.

I don’t understand how Trump can take a July 4th event with the Air Force Band and four Flyovers, including Air Force 1, and give an hourlong Campaign speech, without violating the Hatch Act by using government support for a campaign rally.  Yet he praised supporting the Constitution.

A few days ago, the Trump campaign was unmasked when Trump could not answer Hannity’s softball question of what was he going to do in his next term.  Trump’s speech was mainly about protecting our monuments from a handful of people who sprayed graffiti on one or two, as if it was the biggest threat to our nation.  He associated this with the Democratic Party.  No mention was made of the dozens of Confederate monuments that Trump is really protecting.  He said this in front of the Lincoln Monument at Mount Rushmore.  

He praised all four Presidents in the Monument including Teddy Roosevelt, in contrast to having claimed last week that the famous Remington statue of “The Cowboy” in the Oval Office was one of Teddy Roosevelt.  Still no platform. So Trump takes a great Fourth of July Independence Day speech, patriotic music, and later fireworks, and adds to it all of the gutter slime accusations and imaginary horrors to scare the country and its voters.  The @realDonaldTrump unmasked from the slick Teleprompter Trump.

Unfortunately, attorney and Fox News star Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is now Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, has tested positive for the Coronavirus, but fortunately, she is asymptomatic.  She attended Trump’s Tulsa rally, and mixed with campaign donors, as Chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee.

Trump has masked the identity of those who write his speeches, who does his retweeting, and who his real advisers are.  He has masked the conflicts of interest and lack of qualifications of his Cabinet and political appointees.  He has masked the distribution to businesses of $500 billion in Coronavirus relief funds.

So, while refusing to mask himself, Trump is busy trying to mask others by denying them freedom of speech, the right to peaceably assemble, the right of the Congress to investigate and have oversight, and by denigrating the press with insults and the Fake News label.  He is also trying to essentially mask voters from voting by denying them safe mail-in ballots. 

Masking is actually one of Trump’s main strategies.

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