Trump Flunks an Intelligence Test with every Tweet or Commentary, and School Reopenings

Trump Flunks an Intelligence Test With Every Tweet or Commentary, and School Reopenings

Why did doctors supposedly retest him for Alzheimer’s?  Trump pretends it was a test of his supreme mind, but it wasn’t.  We’ll get to this in a bit.

The California Attorney General is suing the Trump Administration for the last minute change of immigration requirements for the F-1 student visas, that students have to attend in-person classes.  That has been watered down to just attending one full-time in-person classes.  There are 1.1 million international students in the US, and 370,000 are from China.

Imagine being an international student who is in the middle of a four year education at a US university.  All of your arrangements and payments have been paid on schedule.  Then, when your home country has a success story in beating down the Coronavirus, you find yourself in the worst virus fighting country in the world, with one-quarter of the world cases, but with only 4% of its population.  And, the US, beginning with the virus-blind President on down, is actively forcing re-opening with the resulting second explosion of the Coronavirus.  Not only is it too late to transfer to another university outside of the US or in a safe state, but you cannot take a flight home, or into countries with the best universities, because you are in the plague-ridden United States.  Then, you are told that only the foreign F-1 students have to risk sickness by attending an in-person class, if you can get into one, while Americans can stay safely at home.  This, after you paid an out-of-state tuition more than three times that paid by an American student.  After you had to pass a competitive exam to study in the US, and have taken years of English courses to get fluent.

Back to the Mind of Trump that thought this up, or acceded to it.  

Why was Trump given the mental test, all ask?  Why didn’t they give him a test in racism?  Or a test in truth telling, i.e. a lie detector test?  The answer, is that none of these are needed.  Every Tweet, and every comment Trump makes, is reeking with dishonesty, naivety, racism, fantasy, wishful thinking, and severe egotism and narcissism.  Trump must now be up to 20,000 lies or misleading statements since he took office.  If he passed a test in realism, Trump lying must be that he has no heart or moral core.  Trump said that the doctors were surprised that he passed the test.  That is very understandable.

In my discussion of the dangers of sending kids back to school, I didn’t mention dangers to parents or grandparents.  First of all, some grandparents take care of kids when they get home from school.  They are vulnerable by age and by conditions which accumulate with age.  Even though the parents of K-12 children may be under 45, the US is afflicted with a population that is a third obese, which is a key risk factor.  Obesity also leads to other risk factors.  The Vice President has said that $13.3 billion CARES funds go to schools.  Those funds may be denied to public schools which do not reopen with in-person classes.  They may lose money from students who are vulnerable or have vulnerable parents or grandparents and which are kept home for web based classes.  States have suffered great losses of taxes for schools by the forced business close-downs, and are losing more from the second close-downs caused by the forced Republican re-openings.

Back to the Mind of Trump.  Here is the American public’s rating of the intelligence of Trump’s Coronavirus response.

The renewed second explosion of the Coronavirus under Trump’s virus blindness, which he is responsible for encouraging, means that he now deserves to have the resurgent virus name after him, the “Trump Coronavirus”.  Or name it Trump Covid-2, for the second virus outbreak that Trump could not stop.

It’s a same that the second and third highest population states are Republican, Texas and Florida, and their Republican governors followed Trumps rush to reopen, subjecting 50 million Americans to be exposed.  From the close party split in the House, we know that half of the US population is under Republican command, and is put at exceptional risk.  This will be greatly enhanced when they force their children to go back to school.

Here is the American Public’s test of Trump’s Intelligence in fighting the Coronavirus:

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