Governments Move Fast to Protect Students

Governments Move Fast to Protect Students

For Trump’s unjustified deportation threat to international students who don’t take an in-person class, 17 states and the District of Columbia have filed suit to bar this.  They represent 1,124 colleges and Universities, with 373,000 students.

The new data is that 25% of deaths from the Coronavirus are under age 65, and one-sixth of those have no underlying conditions.

From the Coronavirus, 130 million people could go hungry, stating with Africa, and then in Asia.

In California, Governor Newsom has reimposed restrictions on indoor activities.  We are already required to wear masks.  

The Los Angeles School District and the San Diego School District have opted totally for on-line classes.  This covers 825,000 students.  In the Los Angeles Unified School District, 83% of teachers in the UTLA union voted for virtual openings.  They start August 18.

The conservative Orange County Board of Education is again considering complete in-person classes, with no masks or social distancing.   There is a meeting tonight, with 26,000 signing a protest petition.  However, it is the local school districts who will decide on how to reopen, based on safety.


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