Trump: The Unmanageable Virus Vector in Chief

Trump:  the unmanageable virus Vector in Chief.

Trump backs off on deporting international college and University students without in-person classes.  Since this was enforced with no justification, it would have been blocked anyway.

The White House has been unfairly criticizing Dr. Fauci.

The White House is removing hospital data from the CDC, and burying it in the more controlled Department of Homeland Security.  All good dictators do this.  This follows Florida not releasing its hospital data.

The Moderna vaccine tried three different doses, each on 15 young and healthy people.  So the jump to 30,000 is based only on the middle 15, who only had side effects for a day.  I thought the staging of tests only increased by factors of 10, not 2,000.  A lot of people are being exposed here.  They haven’t yet tested it on old people, or those with compromised immune systems.  Still, it won’t be completed until year’s end.

Trump Shreds the Hatch Act.  Even the Fox News host said that if Obama had given this campaign speech in the Rose Garden, the Republicans would have attacked.  Aren’t the White House staff who set up the press audience complicit in violating the Hatch Act?

Trump opts for White House protection from the Coronavirus.  Press thirty feet away, and outdoors.  All masked, even when asking questions.  CNN, recognizing that it was yet another fake news to campaign speech, stopped covering it.  I turned on Fox to watch the rest of it.

Trump then actually publicized Biden’s Platform on Fox News, no less.  But Trump has no infrastructure plan, or climate change plan, or immigration plan.  Letting Coronavirus be scapegoated on China interferes with trade.  Many other countries successfully controlled the virus, so our failure cannot be blamed on China.  Trump claimed that the EU only formed to compete with the US.  

Trump again called immigrants rapists and murderers and human smugglers.  Immigrants should have no rights.  Yet after 5 years, Trump still does not have an immigration law or plan.  It is somehow easy for Trump to forget that his Trump grandparents were immigrants, as was his mother.  Trump’s wife Ivana, and mother to Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka was an immigrant.  Trump’s First Lady Melania was an immigrant, and just brought over her parents.

So I learned that Biden will make the electrical grid zero emissions by 2035, which is slow compared to enthusiastic environmentalists.  However, it is still a challenge to building vast amounts of renewables or nuclear, and renewables require vast amounts of water or battery storage facilities to accomplish this.  We don’t even have a design of batteries that can accomplish this.  Even if Democrats get to flip the Senate as well, and serve for eight years, when the Republicans take over for the next eight, they will do nothing to complete the projects.  Biden also wants Net Zero by 2050.  That will increase power needs by another 40% for electric cars, and a vast attitude change in car buyers to smaller and electric cars. 

Nobody asked about attacks on Fauci.  Trump gave no new ideas or projects to fight the virus.

Trump read the Biden critical points well.  No cheering crowds so no punch lines.  Attacked Hunter Biden, who is not running, nor ever a Democratic candidate or office holder, or part of the campaign, as far as I know.  Somehow trying to link Bidens as China supporters since China is now evil having sent the Coronavirus to our shores.

Pointed out almost nobody showed up to attack monuments, but it is something he has tried to paint onto Democrats as their policy.  But somehow said monuments could be removed through a legal process, which is odd, since Trump previously said would defend all monuments.  That’s what happens when you have two different speech writers.  There are 1,503 monuments and memorials of Confederates or slavery in the former Confederate States.

Although the President is a Republican, he ignored the 800 pound Elephant roaming the country, the Coronavirus.

If Trump really wanted to start schools with 100% in-person classes, why didn’t he announce this months ago, assess the needs, and provide all of the money needed to rebuild schools with more space, and provide money for PPE, more janitors, and more training.  40% of schools do not have nurses even, and you probably need several to screen kids and do contact tracing, and training with masks and social distancing, and safe bathroom use routines.

If professional athletes in a Bubble whose season, compensation, and careers depends on staying Coronavirus free can’t do it, even with immediate testing and contact tracing available, how do you expect a bunch of unruly kids to do it?

Trump’s blind eye Coronavirus policy has achieved completely isolating the US by travel bans keeping us out of Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and Europe.  Even the South Pole is shut down.

Update:  July 15.  In addition to Trump violating the Hatch Act, he also violated a rule against using his government office to advertise for a product whose head backs Trump: Goya products.


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