Trump’s Mobs of Government Agents, versus Coronavirus Deaths

Trump’s Mob of Government Agents

Trump’s Coronavirus Politics will kill 20 times as many as homicides by year’s end.

In 2018, 16,000 Americans were killed by homicides or negligence.  Right now, 140,000 Americans have died from the Coronavirus because we couldn’t get it together, like most other countries did.  There are 163 days until New Years.  Continuing at our present death rate of 1,000 per day, we will reach 300,000 deaths by year’s end.  That is 19 times as many Coronavirus deaths, as homicides.  But being accurate is not the point here.

The point is that Trump has decided to politic on fighting a few unestablished deaths in Democratic cities, rather than scientifically fighting the Coronavirus.  For one day, Trump read the script, and looked maybe presidential.  Then, he flew away rogue again, insisting all children go back to school, regardless.

Trump is already losing the ‘law and order’ photo ops.  His unidentifiable troops in D.C. trampled peaceful demonstrators for a growing and sympathetic racial respect and protection movement.  Trump’s now called “brown shirts” in peaceful Portland arrested without charges and then released a passive protester.  The next night, a “brown shirt” savaged a frozen Navy veteran, breaking his finger or arm, and beat him.  All of this made prime time.  Supposedly this was to stop graffiti and one fire in a federal building.  Trump named this group Legends, probably after seeing a superheroes movie.

Trump is now planning to go into Chicago, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and maybe a total of 10 cities.  The mysterious force is now purposed to capture a drug dealer and stop murders.  They have not even collaborated with the Albuquerque police.  Every city involved is Democratic, with no blurring of the blatant political campaign nature of the raids.  While Kansas asked Trump to track illegal guns, Trump will be put in the odd place of “taking their guns away”, something he always accuses the Democrats of planning to do.

There are 800,000 police officers in the United States.  They know the local and state laws.  Trump’s mob troops do not.  The city police officers know the local gangs, criminals, and networks.  Trump’s clubbers do not.  They are not trained in controlling crowds legally.  Clubbing, rubber bullets, and even pepper spray can cause lifelong damage.  Incorrect policing tactics lead to dropped charges and acquittals (remember OJ).  The Trump mob aren’t equipped with standard police training or weapons.  Trump’s SWAT automatic-weapon-armed haters will cause more grief to innocent people and to Trump’s reelection hopes.  I’m sure there is a rift in the White House and RNC between Trump and those who thought this up, and professional politicos.  If Trump really wanted to battle local crime, he could direct more funding and resources their way.  With the 20% or greater statewide and local budget cuts due to the business downturns, all states and cities are in fact begging the Congress for additional funding, especially for essential services.

While the Attorney General Barr is backing this as well, crimes of abuse on tape have long lifetimes.  Unless Trump pardons them all, the mob troops that violate laws can be identified and charged for their abuse in six months by a truly lawful government. So can Barr, to the extent that he sent the mob out untrained, refused oversight, and ignored their crimes.

I’m sure most of Trump’s mob do not want this assignment, and won’t like going home with the reputation of the brutality of the most vicious among them tarnishing them.  In that case, they should self monitor themselves, and discharge those who do not follow “law and order”.

There are many tapes of Trump telling police or other DHS enforcement teams to “rough them up”, including at his rallies, to cheers.  His dogwhistles against the press, also at his rallies, have undoubtedly encouraged police and mob troops to attack and rough up the press covering peaceful demonstrations.  This clearly violates freedom of the press in the First Amendment.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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