Is Trump a Confederate President?

Is Trump A Confederate President?

Update:  It is sad that the Civil Rights leader John Lewis passed away.  He served 33 years in the US House, and was respected by all.  Unfortunately, Trump is so wrapped up in himself that he will not go to pay his respects to Lewis, who lies in state at the Capitol.

Update:  Trump has threatened to take 50,000 to 75,000 Homeland Security officers from their very important law enforcement positions, and politically send them to Democratic Cities to antagonize and brutalize Black Lives Matter protesters.  This is not Law and Order.

We know Trump approves of the Rebel flag and is upset when it is banned.

We know Trump has sworn to protect all Confederate statues and monuments.

Update:  We know Trump said he would veto the Defense Budget if it contained a requirement to change the names of military bases named after Confederate Generals (who knew?).   Despite passing the Senate and House, Sen. Inhofe (Oklahoma) tweeted that the name changes would not happen.

We know that Trump opposes the Black Lives Matter movement and misclaims that it is rioting and destructive.

We know that Trump is sending his troops to invade Northern Cities, despite their unanimous opposition.

We know that the core of Trump’s political strategy is to sympathize with White Southern voters.

We know that Trump moved from New York City to Florida.

We know that Trump moved the Republican National Convention to Coronavirus overrun Florida, instead of Coronavirus safe New England cities.

We know that Southern Governors are rigorously and painfully forcing Trump reopenings of businesses and schools.

We know that Trump is opposing mail-in ballots in Northern States, calling them fraudulent.

We know that Trump is building a wall to protect our Southern Border, but not our Northern one.

We know that Trump’s first choice for Attorney General was Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions.

We know that Trump’s Senate dictator is Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell.

We know that Trump’s rally strategy started in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We know that Trump’s troops are opposing Black Lives Matter marches, rather than solving any crimes.

Time to go back to fighting the Coronavirus with information.  Draw your own conclusions.

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