Trump’s Dr. Teleprompter Jekyll versus Mr. Tweeter Hyde

Trump’s Dr. Teleprompter Jekyll versus Mr. Tweeter Hyde.

I’m pretty sure that Trump doesn’t write his teleprompter prose, and only reads it as a recalcitrant second grader who is forced to read it.  We know that, because it is written in complete sentences.  I’m sure that Trump doesn’t spend hours searching the web and excerpting Fox News clips to retweet.  Has he ever even had an iPad or computer or cell phone on his desk?  That is left for mortals, not Demi-gods, as he is.

Why does the Tweeting count now?  Trump would never admit that he doesn’t do his own tweeting, just as nothing leaks about who writes his speeches.  Today his retweeted video leaked out the top secret about alien blood being used in medicines, by Dr. Immanuel, who claimed that.  There goes the entire vaxing program.  (Why does my spell checker keep replacing “vaxing” with “vaping”.)  Full quote:  I AM JUST KIDDING!  Paul, of Area 51, never gave his blood for a vaccine.  He escaped, and was picked up to return to his home planet.  The same Dr. Immanuel also said that masks don’t work.

I just knew that Trump was angry at Fauci for getting to throw the first pitch this season.  Hardly a great way for Trump to help fight the Coronavirus.  While we all respect Dr. Fauci’s expertise, you don’t throw a baseball like a shot put.  Who am I to talk?  I sprained my right arm and can’t play keyboard right now, not to mention throwing anything.  Trump can’t understand why Dr. Fauci has a higher approval rating than he does.  But Trump had the right answer, it is Trump’s personality.

Oddly, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube took that Dr. Stella Immanuel hydroxychloroquine retweeted video off.  That couldn’t have to do with Zuckerberg of Facebook testifying before Congress?  The Coronavirus information seminars that I watched this morning said when battling misinformation, do not quote the misinformation, because you are just passing it along.  Stress that wearing masks will lead to businesses and jobs restarting, which I already have done.  Millions of Trump’s followers saw this before it was taken off.

Was that two or three days that Trump was on track?  Trump just couldn’t resist the spell of the hydroxychloroquine false cure.

I might as well add a tiny summary of the seven hours of House Judiciary Committee hearings with the heads of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google.  The Democrats challenged them on the many ways that they act as monopolies.  The Republicans mainly worried about how their sites supposedly censored really right wing websites.  Democratic Rep. Raskin blew the Republicans up by stating that 7 of the top 10 websites of the past week were right wing.  In reference to my main article above, one Republican worried that they took off the very misleading Dr. Immanuel video, above.  Facebook uses 30,000 people worldwide to remove terrible content.  After berating these heads for right wing censorship, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio) demanded that they censor the “cancel culture” movement.  He also wanted them not to contribute to Democrats.  Rep. Raskin also pointed out the hypocrisy of Republicans supporting the Citizen’s United ruling, yet complaining when corporations supported Democrats.  Rep. Raskin also had to tell Rep. Jordan to mask up.

I walked by three beaches in Laguna Beach last weekend, and only half of the people were wearing masks.  This, despite there being signs that now say that you “must” wear masks.  Republican Rep. Gohmert of Texas was about to join Trump on Air Force 1, when he was tested positive for the Coronavirus.  Gohmert, 66 years old, didn’t really wear his mask, and now blames his infection on wearing a mask.  How many staff and Congressmen has he infected before his infection was detected?

How purposely dumb is America?  These stories of the Wild West Internet, the Republican Government, Trump’s HCQN fixation, and misled Americans are all tied together by a very dangerous plague.   Apparently, the White House spent the weekend rounding up doctors who back HCQN (hydroxychloroquine).

Today, the US passed 150,000 Covid-19 deaths.

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