Possible Sources of T Cells Leading to Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases

Possible Sources of T Cells Leading to Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases

Some people and older blood samples show the presence of T cells, which could be leading to asymptomatic Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 cases.  In blood samples of a few years ago, T cells were present which recognized the Coronavirus.  While antibodies fade in 2-3 months, the T cells could be the source of longer range resistance.

In 40% of Coronavirus infections people are asymptomatic.  Is this because small exposures of innoculous lead to mild cases?  Do people have partial immunity?  Are T cells from childhood vaccinations?  Are they from colds, which come in four forms of Coronaviruses?  If less dosage leads to milder or asymptomatic cases, then people should be wearing masks to protect themselves, like N95 masks.

In a large study of patients with medical histories, covered in the Washington Post, the recent pneumonia vaccine had a 28% reduction in risk.  The polio vaccine led to a 43% reduction in risk.

I was questioning mild exposures and the pneumonia vaccines at the start of the Coronavirus, but was told then that infections came from superspreaders, and that the pneumonia from the Coronavirus is different from standard pneumonia.  Both are true, but there appears to be a roll for both mild exposures and the present vaccines.  

Again:  I am not a doctor.

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