The Donald: Come Join Us in Trumplandia

The Donald:  Come Join Us in Trumplandia

In Trumplandia, The Donald has Absolute Power, and there is no Congress or Federal Courts, or Supreme Court.  Or Constitution, or laws, for that matter.

Trumplandia, apparently, is just pretending that everybody lives in the lounge of a Trump National Golf Club.  These people are too rich to ever be infected by a virus, which only infects commoners, who actually work for a living.  Thus, these Trumplanders never need to socially distance, or wear masks, or take viral tests.  A membership in the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster only cost $300,000 in 2005.

There are no rental contracts, or state renters laws and evictions.  The Health Secretary has the right to declare an emergency!?  If evictions lead to more infections, he can stop evictions (not really, apparently, he can only “consider” it).  Unfortunately, a third of renters may not be able to meet their full rent.

Also in Trumplandia, the Majority Leader of the Senate, Mitch “Stoneheart” McConnell, has decided that having given $2 trillion to the rich and corporations for a tax cut, followed by $3 trillion in Coronavirus business bailout funds, he cannot fund the deficits in states to fund hospitals, first responders, or even teachers.  Now that the virus and its costs have spread to all states, it is not just a “Blue State” bailout proposal, as he once stated.

You realize, that if the State needs $100 to get the Trump $300, all they have to do is to virtually collect the $100 from each person to be paid, let them get the $300 from the Trump, along with the $100 virtual refund from the State to make it legit.  To the recipient, they still get the $300 and satisfy the state contribution.  As the Nation’s Con Man in Chief, Trump should have realized this.

The Donald, King of Trumplandia, has again abused his Throne for his reelection, or we should say, Re-Coronation, by saying that after you collect six months of Payroll Tax delays, only He will permanently cancel those taxes, but only if He is reelected.  Actually, in most cases, the employer will just collect the payroll taxes, and keep them for his or her business.

Previously, Trump had his new head of the Postal Service slow deliveries by taking money from the budget, and cancelling overtime.  This will delay deliveries of mail-in ballots, and in receiving processing them before the election.  The @realRepublicans finally got through to The Donald and informed him that it was mainly Republicans who used mail-in ballots.  So The Donald declared that mail-in ballots were fine in the crucial swing states of Florida and Arizona.

With the new revelation (?) That Russia is interfering for Trump in the election, The Donald just shrugged his shoulders, but took no action.  Actually, with 80 million American voters fed up with Trumplandia, I don’t think a few Russian hackers can make much difference. 

I can’t believe that Trump really discussed putting his puss on Mt. Rushmore with South Dakota’s Governor.  His wooing of her ended when he learned that the Monument is a Federal one, and Trump himself controls it.  For a few bucks, Trump could just shine his photo in color on the unsculpted rock at night, along with his name, and his signature.  He could even have a tape of him giving a special self praising speech broadcast in the park. 

Larry Kudlow was on CNN trying to make sense of Trump’s dreams of Trumplandia, but tripped all over himself.  I don’t think Kudlow totally smoked the pipe of Trumpomania.  

Do you think Trump will ever click his heels together three times to come back to @realAmerica?  I doubt it.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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