Trump’s Warp Speed Back to the Origin

Trump’s Warp Speed Back to the Origin

The guy who brags about founding the Space Force (echo, echo, echo).  The guy who pitches going back to the Moon after 54 years as sending men to Mars.  The guy who buys hundreds of millions of vaccine doses before approval (actually a good gamble) and names it Warp Speed.  The guy who builds state of the architecture Casinos and Towers.  Why on Planet Earth does he install Three Hundred Federal Judges and Three Supreme Court Justices who’s judicial philosophy is to interpret the Constitution as it was viewed when passed in 1789, two hundred and thirty one years ago!

What was so farsighted by those farmers and plantation and slave owners, without even including a woman’s right to vote, whose guns took a minute to load one single shot, that could be the guiding force of today.  Remember, that our Democracy preceded other Democracies, and did not benefit from centuries of experience.  From Trump’s singular point of view, it was still 71 years before the first golf tournament was invented, and only 25 years after the first 18 hole course was established.

Right now, Trump is stacking the Courts to limit and reverse Roe vs. Wade, which was ruled to allow abortion, in 1973.  This precedent has stood for 47 years.  Of Trump’s two leading candidate Justices, one is 48 and the other 52 years of age, so one was 1 year old, and the other 5 years old.  Yet, at least one is sure that the case was misdecided, something that has eluded the Supreme Court for 47 years?

Reinterpreting an ancient document by interpretations of the founders, rather than the realizations of the complexities of two hundred and thirty one years of experience and historical and modern development, is doomed to be an enormous failure.  Especially in the eyes of the innovative and supreme leader described in the first paragraph, who is the best that there has ever been in the 57 Presidential terms of this country.  I’m sure that Trump even golfs with the latest clubs and balls even out just this year, not relics from the 15th century, much less, last year.

This reinterpretation of the oldest, and Trump’s favorite book, the Bible, has led to over 200 Christian denominations in the US. 

Any sensible choice of a Supreme Court would be responding to a large array of valuable legal concepts and segments of our society, and over the years, ruling with the best of our ideas.  Making the entire Federal Judiciary and Court System with only one fixed philosophy going back twelve generations by the current 20 year term of each generation, is absurd.

Let’s take Trump’s favorite Second Amendment.  It was just recently reinterpreted to drop the first half of the sentence, the part about a well formed militia.  Any Originalist would immediately rejoin the two halves.  They also would immediately recall all guns, and replace them with Muskets that could only load and fire one ball a minute.  That would really save ten thousand lives a year.

By the way, the average lifetime back then was about 40 years.  The first case before the Supreme Court is Trump’s attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act, strip modern health care from 20 million enrollees, and strip coverage of those with pre-existing conditions.

Trump and his enabler, AG Bill Barr, have stretched the powers of the Presidential orders and Tweets far beyond the restraints of the Constitution, and far beyond ever imagined, even by the previous day’s commentators.  If there are two who are going to be bound by the Originalist Judges and Justices, it is the Trump-Barr bad boys.

You cannot imagine a greater contrast.  Trump spends every waking hour and probably every sleeping hour rewriting the past, present, and future to making himself the hero and originator of all that is good, and putting all of the blame for failures on this “enemies”.  He eventually makes everyone his enemies, and recipients of million dollar book advances.

So, Back to the Origin, at Warp Speed.

About Dennis SILVERMAN

I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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