Trump Thought He Was at a Rally, Rather Than a National Debate

Trump Misjudged His Audience

I realize what went wrong at the first, and hopefully last, Trump – Biden debate.  Trump has been attending too many rallies, where his abusive lines go unchallenged and get cheers.  Trump didn’t really consider that the first debate was addressing all of the tens of millions of caring people in America.  They were judging candidates on how Presidential they were acting, and how seriously they could address the issues causing them severe economic stress, unemployment, and fear of catching the Coronavirus.  

So Trump kept throwing out his rally Zingers:  racist, endorsing white supremacists, denigrating Biden’s son (who is not actually running for anything), and denigrating all Democratic mayors and governors, who even many of the important Independents in the audience voted for.

Trump would not address unemployment with restructuring plans, Coronavirus relief plans with subsidies, and would not even endorse mask wearing and social distancing, even making fun of Biden again for setting an example, even when not needed.  He simply made wild charges that Biden would have done worse, although Biden did not have the foreign and health intelligence that Trump had and kept secret.  Trump did not answer many of the direct and repeated questions about his tax dodging, global warming, nor pandemic actions, undoubtedly because he had no acceptable answers.  He had no answer of how to replace health care for 23 million when his new Supreme Court tosses out Obamacare, or how to stop 103 million Americans with preexisting conditions from being tossed, or how to help unemployed Americans with temporary health care, in the midst of a pandemic.

The Kellyanne Conway and Kayleigh McEnany rhetoric of never stop talking, and shift from defense to attack on some irrelevant Democrat elsewhere, and in days past, just wasn’t appropriate.

Too many rallies, too little time spent on serious matters.  The flag and Trump MAGA dressed cheering rally attendees are a fan club, not the American public, nor even Republican regulars.

Here is a Washington Post fact-checking through Apple News, that shows that all of Trump’s charges were false.

It was embarrassing that Trump brought up Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and his problem with drug addiction.  Joe did not attack Trump’s family at all, but Trump’s brother Fred Trump Jr. died of a heart attack caused by alcoholism.  Somehow, Trump thought that there was a genetic connection, because that is why Trump does not drink.  Is that why Trump suggested a day before the debate that Biden should take a drug test?  This is very crude, and Trump should have had sympathy from what happened to his own family.  Trump cheated Fred Jr’s daughter Mary Trump out of her inheritance, by claiming that the family was only worth a few million dollars.  She is now suing on that.

Trump also brought up Biden’s college grades.  Trump sued his own colleges and schools to block them from ever releasing his grades.  Statements have been made that Trump paid somebody to take his SATs.  And, that he got into the U. Of Penn. because his brother knew somebody in admissions.  Trump has said that “people say” he was at the top of his class.  They pretty much say the opposite.  Anybody that would hire a talking head from Fox News as the Director of the National Economic Council, namely Larry Kudlow, didn’t learn what the Wharton School was teaching.  Trump took courses at Wharton, but was not actually admitted there.

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