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Democracy Ratings for the US and Countries in the News from the V-Dem Institute

We show graphs over time of the US and countries in the news, for five categories.  The ratings go from 1900 through 2018, unless only fewer years are available.  The source of the ratings is the V-Dem Institute at … Continue reading

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The Club of Rome World Projections to the Year 2050

“Transformation is feasible”.  “How to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals Within Planetary Boundaries.” A Report to the Club of Rome from the Stockholm Resilience Center and the BI Norwegian Business School.  They use a model with many development factors to … Continue reading

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The Bart of Vengeance Reigns Supreme

The Bart of Vengeance Reigns Supreme According to Senator Collins, Judge Kavanaugh has been “exemplary in all things”, apparently, except when he had to appear before the Judiciary Committee in a job interview for the highest judicial job in the … Continue reading

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