Trump Will Clog the Supreme Court With His Mayhem Cases

Trump Will Clog the Supreme Court with his Mayhem Cases

They may never have time to rule on abortion cases.  Thus, the appeals court and lower court rulings will stand removing the State challenges to abortion.

Nobody has seen anything like Trump attempting to block all insight into his private life, and oversight of his government actions.  Every request and eventual subpoenas (we hope) for such Constitutionally and legally allowed information and interviews will be blocked, according to Trump with his arms folded and his defiant ‘make-me’ face.  All of those will become Supreme Court cases with AG Barr’s rush requests.  This includes Trump’s tax returns, and his suspicious dealings with Deutsche Bank.  It is also to hear from Campaign and later associates of Trump that have evidence of collusion and obstruction.  This is all just to protect the privacy and possible legal violations of a single person, Donald Trump.

Then there all of the suits against the offshore oil drilling, the air an water pollution, and other environmental insults that deregulator-in-chief Trump has visited upon our previously improving environment.  These are usually plagued by bad science, since Trump has fired all of the good scientists.

And, there are all of the immigration cases banning Muslim countries, not recognizing refugees for asylum, separating children and not tracking their parents, etc.  Sadly, the Court conservatives seem inclined to allow the question of citizenship on the 2020 Census, despite the Constitution requiring that the Census counts everybody.

Then all of the Republican states are passing voting discriminating laws hoping that Trump’s appeals and Supreme Court justices will support them.  Unfortunately, that may be the case, for a court that already allowed unlimited and anonymous financing with the Citizen’s United ruling.

The Supreme Court has slowed down to about 75 cases a year.

I haven’t thought of a defining name for this Trump blockage, just starting with Supreme Trumpomania, or Barromania.  Then there is Trump Trump’s the Court.  Too obvious.  The Trumped Court.  Better.  

People in Law Schools say that the Supreme Court is all about politics.  However, while the 5 Justice majority is Republican appointed and loyal, only Gorsuch and Kavanaugh were Trump appointed.  The other three Republicans were appointed by real Republicans of the GOP, not by the Constitution ignoring Trump.  None of the Justices have to run for re-election, and none have to worry about Trump backing a primary Republican rival to them.  Even the Trump appointed Justices owe nothing to Trump.  They are fixed for life, and even may have claimed to be fair and independent, as in Kavanaugh’s fraudulent nomination hearings and investigation.

Especially when it comes to throwing 21 million Americans off of health care, and removing pre-existing conditions and other guarantees from others, we expect the Court to worry about the public’s health, and the reputation of the Court.  Trump and Barr hid the filing to completely abolish the ACA behind the news of Barr’s Senate Judiciary hearing.  If some Republicans on the Supreme Court cannot be independent of Trump, we are all lost.

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Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power is Conferred by a Corrupt Attorney General

Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power is Conferred by a Corrupt Attorney General

Trump takes another giant leap toward dictatorship, one more small crawl backwards for kneeling Republicans.

Trump’s Infinity Stones:  ‘Evangelical’ VP Mike Pence; ‘Justice Stealing’ Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House;  ‘That’s All Folks’ Lindsey Graham, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee; ‘Nothing to See Here’ AG William Barr; ‘Trump is All Powerful’ Personal Attorney Rudy Giuliani; and ‘Grand Viser to the Throne’ Sean Hannity of Fox News.

The romance of TrumBarr, or should it be Barrump?

Finally, a ray of hope:  wouldn’t-be-economist Stephen Moore has withdrawn from unbelievably undeserved power on the Federal Reserve Board.  This misogynist gem was from Fox News and the Heritage Foundation.  Some moral Republicans wouldn’t back him in the Senate.  Same fate as Pizza-Man Herman Cain.  I’m sure Trump will find two more loyalists to fill these traditionally independent Board positions.

Trump says its all over with McGahn after 30 hours, but Trump still brings up Clinton’s emails from 2012, misled us about Obama’s birth in 1961, Ted Cruz’s birth in Canada in 1979, Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, Trump’s affairs from 2006, dredging up an AG from 30 years ago, Robert E. Lee from 1861, and restoring America to whenever it was last Great.

Sorry about the name-calling, but a name-calling President eventually corrupts us all.

My apologies to Lord John Acton, whose phrasing I have absolutely corrupted.

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Bill Barr is Unmasked. Two More Years as America’s Chief of Law Enforcement?

Bill Barr is Unmasked.  Two More Years as America’s Chief of Law Enforcement?

Law and Order GOP fine with this?  So Mueller included two summaries fully screened for release to the public, and AG Barr didn’t tell the public about this?  Nor of Mueller’s letter protesting Barr’s four page summary and legal conclusions?  In Reagan’s Iran Contra and Nixon’s Watergate Break-in, it was always the cover-up that caused the problems.  By the way, what ever happened to Ollie North?

Despite the concentration with Trump-Trump-Trump, the AG has been appealing all of the Trump policy setbacks by lower courts, as an agent for the Trump White House, and not following the Court rulings as the nation’s Head of Law Enforcement.

Barr will not testify before the House Committee, because they were going to use lawyers to do the questioning.  Remember when the civilian Christine Blasey Ford had to testify before professional lawyers on the Senate Judiciary Committee for the Kavanaugh Nomination to the Supreme Court?

Still focusing on Hillary?  Is she trying to undermine the 2020 elections as the Russians already are doing, and the Trump White House is ignoring.  Going back then, in the last month before the 2016 election, Trump cited Wikileaks 141 times at 56 events, according to NBC News.

Is the Washington Post starting a count of Barr’s Obfuscations?

Barr was unaware of the initially bipartisan Secure Election Act to stop election interference, which Trump killed.  Unbelievable. 

So, we have a President who lies and can’t remember, a VP who can’t be alone with a woman, and an AG who doesn’t understand anything!

Hey, if every password requires a capital letter, why wouldn’t you expect their use all over the place?  Trump does!  Passwords also require a symbol!!!

No wonder people do not trust in our Government or the Feds.

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Trump: It’s Not Just The Lies

Trump:  It’s Not Just the Lies, It’s Bullying, Violating Our Freedoms, Violating the Constitution, Misogyny, Dog Whistling, Violations of Human Rights, etc.

We can of course sarcastically celebrate the one real record that Trump holds of reaching 10,000 lies while in office.  This was done in 2.25 years.  But at the current rate, he will top 20,000, and maybe even 30,000 by the time this term is over.

We have never had a President in my life who bullied his opposition by always name-calling them with playground personal insults.  Every time he does this lowers the dignity of the Office of the President, our international reputation, and our own respect for our Democracy.  This also applies to all of Trump’s actions discussed below.  This bullying is a lot more influential on our internet youth than Melania’s Be Best program.

Trump has violated our Freedom of the Press.  Yes it is Our freedom to have a press that investigates, that tells the truth, and has fair and balanced opinion writers.  Trump castigates the Press with Fake News and Enemy of the People bullying.  He dog whistles for assaults on the Press, and attacks specific papers and TV news, as well as reporters.  This was already reacted to with mailings of suspicious powders to his targets.  

Trump has also adopted Fox News as not just the Official News source, but also for staffing his administration with their unqualified commentators, as a source for guidance, and as the only valid source for news.  This, despite the fact that it is run by foreigners, and represents extreme conservative views, and was infused with misogyny. 

Trump violates our freedom of speech, even silencing government scientists.  

Trump regularly violates our Due Process rights, opinionating on every newsy case that will be considered by the Dept. of Justice, or even state or local law enforcement.  He also has violated Hillary Clinton’s rights of Due Process every time he allows his crowds to chant “Lock Her Up” without stopping them.

All of the above are violation of our Constitutional rights.  Trump has also violated the Power of the Purse to the Congress, in scrounging money to build his wall, from funds allocated elsewhere.  When Congress passed a bill nullifying Trump’s National Emergency, Trump just vetoed it.   Trump also is now defying any House request of the IRS for his taxes, or any questioning of witnesses who know about Trump’s attempts to obstruct the Mueller investigation.

Trump bullies women, and has few in weighty White House positions or in his cabinet.  He seldom drops nominees when their sexual harassment history is exposed, and even helps them cover them up as in the Brett Michael Kavanaugh limited investigation, for a Supreme Court justice, no less.  Trump readily insults women leaders of foreign countries, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom.  He also tells them how they should run their countries.  He has made no moves to expand women’s rights, or to uphold the status quo of Roe vs. Wade.

Trump has shunned human rights considerations in America and abroad.  At home he has separated families, incarcerated immigrant children and kidnapped them from their parents, and used DACA and Dreamers as political pawns.  Abroad, Trump has embraced almost all dictators, and ignored Human Rights in dealings with them.  He has cancelled much needed foreign aid to prevent refugees, to quell disease epidemics, and to provide population limiting birth control.

Again, its not just the death of our Government by ten thousand lies.  It’s all of the other irresponsible and un-American governance as well.  

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Columbia Climate Law Finds 200 Cases of Trump Throttling Science in Government

Columbia Climate Law Finds 200 Cases of Trump Throttling Science in Government 

On the website Columbia Law senior fellow Romany Webb has compiled Trump’s silencing of science in all of his executive departments and agencies.  The site is called Silencing Science Tracker.  This is covered in the May 2019 Scientific American on the last page 88 by Mark Fischetti, with graphics by Pitch Interactive.

There also is a Columbia Law Climate Deregulation Tracker which tracks actions that tear apart regulations to combat climate change.  The link for that is

The Silencing Science Tracker recorded from Election Day Nov. 6, 2016, to Feb. 20, 2019.  They recorded 195 incidents at the federal level.  The cases were led by the EPA with 51, Interior with 35, the White House with 25, Health and Human Services with 17, and the Department of Energy with 16.  Commerce and Agriculture each had 12.  There were still 36 more.  I was writing a report on just three of these cases, until I found this source which has compiled an enormous number of them.

There were also 112 State and Local Actions.  These were led by 11 in Florida, and then 7 in Texas, and Wisconsin, and then Iowa, Kentucky, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.  California only had one.

The totality of the cases were broken into seven categories, and also had climate science cases pointed out.  The largest category was Censorship, composed of erasing web sites, hiding data, and forbidding scientists to speak publicly.  Of the 93 cases here, 69 involved climate in the federal government, and seven involved climate in state and local government.  

The next largest category was Bias and Misrepresentation, which discounted policy studies, and mischaracterized papers.  This had 69 cases, with 53 involving climate.  The majority of these were state and local.

Budget Cuts really was ending funding, and there were 44 cases, with 25 being climate cases.

Personnel Changes was really firing scientists and not replacing them.  There were 40 cases with 22 being climate cases.

There were 35 cases of Interference with Education, with 24 being climate.   All of the 35 were state or local.

Twelve were Research Hindrance, with 6 of them climate cases.  Self Censorship was 14 cases, all involving climate.

Despite Trump’s proposing radical cuts to the EPA budget by nearly a third, Congress has kept up the funding.  The agencies require that policies and rules be made on the best science.  What we now have is corporate rule.  On climate, that means unhindering the fossil fuel industries.  All changes to rules demand scientific justification.  That is why many are being challenged in court.  There also is Trump’s secret and non-reporting White House climate science evaluation committee.

It’s sort of hard to push science, when you are competing with The Avengers and Game of Thrones make-believe series.  Note that it is the scientist who had to become the dumb Hulk in the Avengers.   Even if Arya hadn’t killed the Night King, global warming would have melted his Artic Kingdom along with him and his Ice Zombies.

Despite denying climate change, it will not stop storms and floods, or droughts and fires.  And their tens of billions of dollars in cost each year.

We have suffered through two and a half years of this, but still have a year and 9 months until the next administration, for rule by corporate and conservative think tank lobbyists and their dependent science destroyers.  Cleaning my office today, I came across an old editorial in the Orange County Register where fake Fox News economist Steven Moore argued that the emissions from power plants couldn’t hurt us because CO2 isn’t harmful to us.  He purposely dodged the smog that kills 4,000 Americans a year.  Moore is up for an appointment to the Federal Reserve.

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Imaginings About Trump’s Tax Returns

Imaginings About Trump’s Tax Returns 

Everything about Trump comes as a surprise.  So lets free our imaginations to what are the possibilities about Trump’s tax returns.  This is another attempt at humor article, no suits, please.

Let’s start with what I think is most likely.  Since Trump so closely guards his business and wealth, he hasn’t filed any since he became President.  He just took delays in filing.  With over 500 subcontracts, this makes sense.  He won’t file any until he is out of the White House.

Trump doesn’t really care if a tax expert finds some minor tax law violation.  Trump violates everything starting with the Constitution itself, and with impunity.  So Trump must be hiding something really, really big.

Trump has already told us that he pays as little tax as possible.  We also know from Michael Cohen that Trump devalues his properties when he files his taxes.  We already know that Trump became a millionaire as a child and inherited millions from his father.  We know that Trump does not give to charities, and misused the donations to his charitable fund.  We already know that Trump bragged about his three or four bankruptcies and having stuck his investors with the losses.  Finally, we know that Trump changed the tax laws so that he pays a lot less, and so that his children will not pay estate taxes.  These rather cut down the possible surprises in his tax returns, and make them somewhat less valuable.

The other side of possible surprises are that Trump lost money, and is just a braggadocio.  Another possibility is that he owes his soul to Deutches Bank.  Or to a Saudi bank or sheik.  Or that he launders Russian funds.  Or that there were more payoffs for indiscretions.  Or, extra rented apartments.

The real shock would be that if Trump filed cautiously, and gave a lot to charity, but is too modest to show it off.  Sure.

Trump’s problem is that he surrounds himself with crooks and con men.  Lawyers who don’t know what note taking is.  So even if he wanted to file an accurate tax form, there is nobody around to know how to do that.

Well, it turns out that there is not much humor in taxes.  I should have known that from the start.  I hope the committee has time to look into why some corporations paid no taxes this year.

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Trump, the Legend

Trump, the Legend

Trump does indeed have the world’s greatest memory, because it completely forgets, forever, whatever he could be impeached for.  Trump’s failed memory on these very important obstruction actions is the greatest evidence that the VP and cabinet members need to activate the 25th Amendment on what to do with a mentally challenged President.

Why is there a story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, who led away their children in the 1300s?  Wikipedia gives many theories.  The story is popular as a warning to kids to not follow misleading characters.  There is an obvious analogy to Donald Trump leading the politically naive, tearing them away from many government services which are in their own interests. 

“Nobody disobeyed my orders” are the words that a dictator would choose, especially the implied concept that everybody in the White House and executive branch must “obey” the president.  Other than Trump’s personal employees, all of the executive branch employees are public employees, and have to follow constitutional, legal, and ethical government rules.  They often followed these restrictions in their actions, saving some of their own reputations, and also protecting Trump from his unconstitutional or unethical actions.

Welcome to Barrocracy, where for a first act AG Barr summarized 448 pages in a 4 page innocuous summary.  Then, a month later, gave a news conference clearing Trump from collusion and obstruction of justice before releasing the redacted report.  Just what we don’t need, a lying chief law enforcement officer.  Who needs phone scams when we have Barr as attorney general.  Barr’s press conference was the ultimate obstruction of justice.

Donald Jr. is supposedly innocent of collusion in meeting with Russians because he didn’t know the law against foreign interference in our elections.  First of all, he was the candidate’s son.  Also at the meeting was Paul Manafort, the head of Trump’s campaign.  I don’t think so.

What was Putin thinking?  He did not know that Trump would break all nuclear treaties including ones with Russia, and the Iranian non-proliferation treaty.  He had to be concerned, as Russia’s President, with what kind of man controlled the 1,500 nuclear weapons aimed at Russia.  Sure, he was angry at Hillary Clinton for interfering with the Russian election when she was Secretary of State, but it didn’t cost him anything.  While Trump has religiously acted as if he’d believed in Putin’s stated innocence from interference in 2016, Trump would himself be implicated if Putin had done so.  Mr. Putin, if you’re listening, tend to the nuclear security of both Russia and the US, stop medaling, and let us get rid of Trump.  We are all in this together.   Trump acts as a certifiable paranoid person.  He trusts nobody, not our intelligence agencies nor our generals.  He acts on impulses, without checking with or listening to responsible government departments.  He goes into rages.  He believes all sorts of conspiracy web sources.  He relies on anti-China business professor Peter Navarro, and a hawk from the past, John Bolton.  There are no traditional checks or balances left.  Listen to your own generals.

Trump will try to obstruct the House investigation of his taxes, claiming concern for taxpayers’ privacy.  He has had two years to have brought this up for other Americans, but only thought of it after his own were requested.  Trump has had four years since he started running for President, and probably years before that when he was thinking about it, to start filing honest tax returns.  Apparently he didn’t, since he is not willing to make them public or even secretly and legally given the House Ways and Means committee.

Republicans want to get back to passing legislation?  They have blocked all joint legislation over the latter Obama 6 years.  They ignored Democrats over Trump’s first two years.  The Mueller investigation did not stop Congress from passing legislation.  Trump had two years for Republicans to pass infrastructure, and they didn’t do it.  The Republican Senate passed 67 bills to kill Obamacare, but they couldn’t pass the House.  They have not proposed and passed an alternative.  Trump said that they had to get back to more tax cuts.  Since the midterms, the Congress has jointly passed two pieces of important legislation, which Trump has vetoed.  That was to eliminate Trump’s National Emergency, and to end assistance to Saudi Arabia in the catastrophic Yemen war.

Trump now openly talks as our King, ordering The NY Times to kneel before Zod, er, Trump, and apologize for covering the Russian collusion and obstruction. 

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Trump-Barr Collusion

Trump-Barr Collusion

Clearly, I don’t have to re-cover what has been occupying the news, columnists, and opinion writers for three days.   And with so many long topics to cover, I just wanted to present my short opinions.

First of all, I got up to watch Barr’s rosy half hour news conference, and I was totally convinced that Trump was cleared of collusion with Russian election interference, and any attempt to interfere with the Mueller investigation.  Then the report came out, and it had no connection with the Barr summary as far as obstruction went.

While Trump’s troops did not attain collusion with Russia, the 101 contacts known from before are highly unusual, and many of them were not initially reported on applications for White House security clearances.  There was also Manafort removing Russian sanctions from the Republican platform.  Then, Trump gave away Crimea and Eastern Ukraine negotiation points by unnecessarily saying that since people in those regions spoke Russian, that Russia could rule them.  This is despite the fact that there are sizeable minorities, and there was never a UN supervised mandate or vote.  Trump also gave away the Baltic states, although only Eastern Estonia has a Russian population.  

Trump praised Wikileaks many times after the publication of stolen, Democratic National Committee and DNCC fundraising emails, and the Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails.  Trump has never admitted that Russia illegally hacked these emails.  Any decent Presidential candidate would have denounced Russia for the illegal thefts and publication, and promised severe sanctions if they continued publishing them, since they only slowly leaked them out.  But not Trump.  In fact, Trump has never backed sanctions on Russia and never criticized Putin.  Then there was Trump’s “Please, Mr. Putin, if you are listening” request to release Clinton’s erased personal emails.  It was never said as a joke or considered one until Sarah spun it as one recently.

It is clear in the report that Trump asked everybody to fire Mueller, or Sessions, or Rosenstein, but they all refused.  That is Trump maintaining Plausible Deniability on everything improper that he does.  Trying to obstruct justice is a crime, even if you do not succeed.  Remember, even, that Cohen said that Trump doesn’t have to tell you outright what he wants you to do, you just know it.  So it is hard to prove his seeking or attaining collusion with Russia on election interference.  However, his welcoming of Russia’s illegal actions are equivalent to active collusion, and shows tremendous intent to collude, and I would say that Trump has thereby colluded on the election interference.

As things stand, there is no possibility of getting the two thirds vote in the Senate to convict and remove Trump.  However, it only takes a majority vote in the House Judiciary committee to file impeachment charges, and only a majority in the Democratic House to impeach and pass the charges on for a trial in the Senate. Also, the Bill Clinton’s impeachment did not help the Republicans, so Democrats are not considering it a useful action, with just less than two years left.  There is also VP Pence to replace Trump, which many people are worried about.  There is only a slight possibility of getting Trump’s taxes or bank records through all of the blocks that Trump is using, especially now that he has Attorney General Barr and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin blocking for him, as well as today’s threat to sue Deutsche Bank if they accede to the House request.  In any case, Trump’s core is loyal, and believes in the Fake News claims.

William Barr has only been Attorney General for a month, and he has already twice derailed the Mueller report with his four page summary, and then his misleading news conference completely clearing Trump, which the report did not do.  He also staged its release before a distracting holiday weekend.  However, it is the weekend that people think about religion and morality.  I think that is not the best weekend in this case.

Trump had the firing of AG Jeff Sessions, and appointment of Barr, lined up just to intercept the Mueller report.  Barr did the most that he could do, and everything was hunky-dory.  But I knew, that Trump would blow it by tweeting in short order.  Nobody knew how much the report would be a downer on Trump’s dishonesty and obsession with ending the investigation.  Mueller’s attack on Trump was much worse than Comey’s unusual attack on an innocent Hillary Clinton over her private email server.  So Trump is throwing out the successful coverup, and raving about Spying and Treason.  

My fear is that this is just the start of the Barr power play that Trump can do no wrong.  I am worried over National Emergencies and Pardons and other Trump newly acquired powers, as well as collusion with the AG on persecutions and prosecutions for political purposes.  I am also worried about Trump and the AG securing as much voting interference for Republicans in the election.   I doubt if the DOJ will try to impose more restraints on Russian election interference.  Finally, I am worried that Trump and Barr may collude to block the fair election results if Trump is defeated.  

Update:  apparently Trump goes berserk if anybody brings up blocking Russian election interference.  So nobody does, and there is no coordinated effort to do so.

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The Tragic Trump Symphony

The Tragic Trump Symphony

While my mind ponders on Trump, I am also trying to learn to play the piano.  It occurs to me that Trump’s moods and actions can be encompassed in a Symphony.  This symphony has three movements:  election, pre mid-term, and pre-reelection race.  We strongly hope that we do not have to write a second symphony.   

But there will be encores.  Rather than Hillary sulking in the woods, or Obama giving his successor room to act, Trump will defend his legacy with the wealth and Heritage Institute of the Koch Brothers and their conservative lawyers.

The first Movement will be called the Conspiracy Movement.  The second, featuring the extravagant tax cut for the extravagantly wealthy, will be called the Extravagant Movement.  The hoped for final movement will be called the Destruction Movement, since it will destroy our government norms and Constitution, yet still be a lame duck.

While the first movement seemed like a harmony of promises and hope for miracles, Trump was just stringing us along.  In honor of the strings, it will be in the simple key of D.  At least 101 Russian themes will be included.

The third Destructive Movement will be all disharmonious, featuring the most sharps, five, or key of C sharp.  This is also equivalent to the most flats, five, or key of D-flat.  Rs will see the sharps as great highlights, but Ds will see all of this as falling flat.  These use all of the black keys, as in Jazz.  So the theme will be Jazz, featuring total innovation and being instantaneous, as Trump has been conducting himself, but yet doubling down in repetition.  The movement will start with a dissonant seventh chord, but instead of resolving, it will end with a greatly diminished seventh chord.  Every consonant major chord struck will be augmented for dissonance.   There will be no resolving chords at the end, just a great cacophony.  No one participating in this orchestra will have any future left to them.  Several, will end up drumming on their prison bars.

Members of the orchestra will be temporarily replaced every time that they hit a wrong note, or are not willing to depart from the score, as directed.  Their replacements will just be acting to know the instrument to which they are assigned.  Lack of qualifications is the main qualification.  It does help if you haven’t played since the Reagan or Nixon orchestras, thus making America Great Again.

We have few ideas of what Trump’s musical tastes are, others than taking advice from Kanye West, and golfing with Ted Nugent, who was wearing pants very disrespectful of the American flag.  Trump’s playlists are all top secret, as are his grades, his taxes, his bank loans, his weight, his health, his affairs, and his true golf handicap, without kicking balls in from the rough.

The recurrent theme dealing with refugees will be saddened to a minor seventh chord, and never resolved.

The counterpoint of the re-election movement so far has 16 declared instruments, but divided into a faction of one replaying the Obama Symphony “Hope”, and the other faction of 15 youngsters copy-catting the song “A Whole New World” in it.  From the Disney movie Aladdin in 1992, the lyrics are:  “A Whole New World, A new fantastic point of view, No one to tell us “no”, Or where to go, Or say we’re only dreaming”.  Except all Republicans.

I have skipped the second or pre-midterm Movement, with its surprise ending, of great triumph of the minority keys, representing women, people of color, and LGBTQ.  We hope this continues through the Presidential election.  While this brought down the House, it made the Senate worse by one vote.  A Democratic takeover of the Senate still looks unlikely.

I now realize that the titling of the Symphony has to be a title of the era.  This is something that I should leave for the great political historians, and also from the viewpoint of its future development.  In the really worst case, it would have to be a trilogy or ring, with The Rise of Trump, The Despot, and The Fall of Trump being the unpoetic descriptions should he continue on for a second or lifelong term, as he openly wishes for.  Or, the third symphony could be The Dynasty of Trump.  Trump is already telling us that there is something wrong with the vote count when Republicans lose, but Trump has the Military and Law Enforcement as backers.  My wife suggests the title:  “The Last Symphony”.

Operas, which I am more familiar with, are mostly tragedies, as are Shakespeare’s plays.  I attribute this to the audiences of past ages suffering through lives of tragedy with no medical care, polluted water, air, and open sewage, wars, monarchies, and great social iniquities.  So this will also be a tragedy.  We are seeing the PBS series Les Miserables now.  The Symphony’s title couldn’t be something grand like Beethoven’s: Third, Eroica (Heroic); the Fifth, the Fate Symphony; the Sixth, The Pastoral; or the Ninth, the Choral, with the Ode to Joy.  On the other hand, Leonard Bernstein’s second is called The Age of Anxiety.  Borodin’s second is the Symphony of Heroes.

The first title that popped into my head was The Art of the Con.  The second suggestion would be one about Crooks, or Petrorule, or the Mob.  A better title following the Obama era would be The Loss of Hope, or The Lost Hope.  Or, I could name it one of the types of -ocracy that I had listed, like The Trump Plutocratic Symphony, like Beethoven’s Heroic Symphony.  I could say that time will tell, but it has already told us the outcome.

Maybe I should rename the first Movement The Divided Campaigns, accounting for the Democratic split between Clinton and Sanders, and the split between Trump and the standard Republicans.  The Democratic split looks like it is now part of the party.  In the Republicans, independence has disappeared.

With the second Movement, while Tchaikovsky in The Nutcracker had the dances from different countries in his ballet, I thought of a list of all of the Ambassadorships that Trump has sold to unqualified and conflicted campaign or inauguration contributors.  I would have to settle for one from each continent.  Also, as in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Modern Major General”, I could include a list of the industrial lobbyists or incompetent Fox News commentators to whom Trump has given regulatory commissions.

I hadn’t realized how much has to go into a symphony, without even composing any notes yet.  I should start with composing Trump’s theme, after reviewing Darth Vader’s theme.  Trump does, after all, choke up his critics.  The musical theme playing in my mind comes from the Phantom of the Opera.

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We’ve All Spent Three Years Spying on Donald Trump, and It Has Been Horrendous

We’ve All Spent Three Years Spying on Donald Trump, and It Has Been Horrendous

We know he prefers crooks and extreme loyalists.

We know of his porn star affair that he paid to cover up.

We know of his year long playmate affair that his buddy covered up.

We have the bus tape confession of his always trying to assault women.

We know he was always a millionaire.

We know he will do anything not to pay taxes.

We know know that he is under investigation for undervaluing his property for taxes.

We know he is a business failure in bankruptcies.

We know American banks would no longer finance him, and he is being investigated for Russian financing.

We know that he fought for Trump Tower Moscow up until the election.

We know he violates due process and interferes in every Department of Justice action he wants to.  “Lock Her Up.”

We know he seeks out the most unqualified and partisan politico for every appointment.  Attorney General William Barr being the Piece de Resistance.

We know he fires anyone restraining him with things like humanity or legality.

We know that he constantly spills the beans publicly.  “Mr. Putin, if you are listening”.  And firing Comey because of Russia.

We know that his lackeys had over 100 contacts with Russia during the campaign, most of which they forgot to declare for some reason.

We know that Trump conveniently forgot who David Duke to now Julian Assange were.  And everyone indicted just brought him coffee.

We know that Trump has told almost 10,000 lies in office.

We know that Trump goes into rages and curses at his underlings.  Normally, that would get any government supervisor fired.

We know that Trump has threatened the press and reporters personally, and that he calls them “The Enemy of the People”.

We know that Trump now calls all of his detractors “Traitors”.

We know that Trump had dishonored “National Emergencies” and violated the Congresses  Constitutional “Power of the Purse”.

We know that Trump has dishonored National Heroes who have opposed him.

We know that Trump has destroyed almost all Republican politicians who stood up to him, and cowed the rest of the Republicans.

We know that Trump will do anything to suppress minority voting.

We know that Trump has had several secret, unaccounted, and unrecorded talks with our greatest international enemies, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

We know Trump seems to prefer political appointees with sexual assault histories.

We know Trump prefers dictators, and demeans our loyal allies.

We know Trump cancels all humanitarian and foreign aid programs, even ones that are of help to us in preventing infectious diseases or caravans of refugees.

We know Trump blows dog whistles for violence toward his enemies.

We know Trump hates science, and climate change that could affect his petrogarch (coal, oil, and gas) backer’s bottom line.

We know that Trump openly tries to intimidate witnesses.

We know that Trump will toss anybody under the bus instead of accepting responsibility himself.

We know that Trump never forgets a grudge, and never hesitates to retaliate.

We know that Trump mistrusts everybody in the government, starting with the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the Department of Defense.

Who cares if there was additional spying (which there wasn’t).

But worst of all, we know that 90% of Republicans will still support Trump!

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