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Update on California Solar Power

Solar Thermal There are 4243 megaWatts approved, and 1500 megaWatts under review.  1164 megaWatts are installed, and an average cost of $7.08 per Watt, for projects greater than 10 kiloWatt. Solar Photovoltaic and the California Solar Initiative As of 4/4/12, … Continue reading

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Sea Level Rise in California, Leading Counties, and Southern California Cities

There is a new survey coupling government data on altitude contours with the 2010 census to determine the areas, number of dwellings, and the number of people affected by projected sea level rises plus storm surges of from one foot to … Continue reading

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Comparison of Nuclear Power Plants with Solar Tower Power

A recent LA Times article and the Brightsource Energy website give data on the Solar Tower reflecting mirror power sources currently being built.  Today the first two new nuclear reactors have been approved, and the cost for an 1.1 gigaWatt … Continue reading

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Population and Presidential Elections

In preparing a short lecture for lifelong learning on how statistical fluctuations or “records” naturally grow with time, I looked up those for popular votes in presidential elections.  This led to an old concern of many of how we are … Continue reading

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Renewables Goal for California in 2020

California has just passed a new renewables goal which is now a law.  For 2020, the state requires an overall renewables of 33%.  The current standard is for 20% renewables for 2010.  I have several thoughts about renewables from the … Continue reading

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