Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Themes and Plugins

UCI Sites is basic web hosting using WordPress Multisite as a content management system. All sites share the same plugins and themes. Unlike a stand-alone version of WordPress, site administrators cannot install or modify themes and plugins. Each new plugin must be evaluated and tested by OIT staff to see if it will benefit the entire system. Each new plugin has potential software conflicts, security risks, and can often slow the down the system for all sites. As an open source product, plugins are sometimes abandoned making it challenging to find a replacement. For these reasons, we are very conservative in what we install and do not add new plugins often. Requests for new plugins will be added to a list. If we get enough requests for similar added functionality we will evaluate as resources allow.

Plugins we use are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Adds needed functionality for the majority of our site users.
  • From a trusted source, like We do not install licensed plugins or from sites other than where plugins are vetted.
  • Actively maintained by the developer.
  • Works in a WordPress Multisite environment. Not all plugins do.

Advanced Web Hosting

If the limitations of our free, basic web hosting will not work for your site, OIT does offer advanced web hosting for a fee. Our system administrators can install a stand alone version of WordPress for you that will give you more flexibility in theme and plugin installation and configuration.

Optional Plugins

We have installed a few plugins to extend WordPress functionality. Some are network enabled and available now. A few others are optional and we will enable them upon request.

Managing My Site