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Safety Resources for New Members of the Finlayson-Pitts Research Group
Steps to complete before working in the lab
2- EH&S website is a good resource for general safety and good practice;  specifically, for lab research, this webpage is a great place to find info on:  UCI’s chemical inventory systems; waste segregation, pick up and empty container requests; a library of SOPs and templates; where to report an injury or safety concern; lab risk assessment and other tools; more info on the Toxic Gas program and other programs; …and much more!
3- Two important safety websites to know: UC Irvine’s Chemical Hygiene Plan and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
4- Hazardous waste pick up:  we can now text directly our waste pick up request to!  Directions to follow can be found here (note: the online form still works too!)


Example: Text a photo of the waste to be picked up with the following information:  “Finlayson-Pitts, Rowland Hall, Room 393/411, KFS number”



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