Our laboratory focuses on utilizing systems level approaches to uncover pathways that regulate melanin production in human skin, and chemoresistance in melanoma tumors. Work in our laboratory can be divided into two areas: (1) Understanding the mechanisms that control melanoma cell drug resistance; (2) identifying novel pathways that control the production and trafficking of melanin in the human epidermis.  Our research is currently funded by the National Institute of Health and the American Cancer Society.

Sprague Hall


The Ganesan lab is located on the second floor of Sprague Hall, a multidisciplinary building that houses investigators interested in genetics, epigenetics, and cancer. The lab is also part of the Cancer Research Institute at UCI.

The Graduate Program and How to Apply

Ganesan lab students enter through the interdisciplinary Cell and Molecular Biosciences program.

Residents, Postdoctoral Fellows, Medical Students, and Undergraduates

The Ganesan lab is always interested in adding individuals with a significant research background who are interested in pigment cell research.   This includes residents, postdoctoral fellows, and even medical students or undergraduates.   Two to three undergraduate students enroll in the Bio 199 course in the Ganesan lab every quarter.   If interested, please contact  Dr. Ganesan directly.