Welcome to UC Irvine Chemistry Graduate Peer Mentoring Program!

Mission Statement: As second-year graduate students, our mission is to provide support for incoming graduate students during their first and second quarters in the Department of Chemistry at UC Irvine.

Program Description: Mentors and mentees will meet to discuss general concerns that will come up throughout the first year, such as selecting a lab, adjusting to Irvine, and coursework. Our goal is to help incoming students build a network of support, feel more connected to the department, and increase confidence/motivation among students.

Please note that this program is separate from the Chemistry Teaching Assistant Mentoring Program (CTAMP). Click here for more information about CTAMP.

Program Expectations:
– Mentor-mentee pairs should, ideally, meet once a month. We strongly encourage the mentor and mentee to set up their own schedule beyond the minimum requirement.
– Mentors are required to attend a 2-hour mentor workshop at the beginning of the academic year.