Wow welcome, I am glad you made it. For starters let me tell you that I am a big fan of your work. Huh? Well, whatever it is, it led you to this website. Alright here we go, my name is written in big letters above and the grad school I attended is next to those big black letters. I guess you want to know more than just my name and the university I attended. Alright. I’ll start off by answering an easy question.

The topology of a multi-level stochastic system provides a framework that facilitates our understanding of human cognition by standardizing latent cognitive variables often explored with operationally defined methods. Aha! I knew it! I am glad that was clarified.

Let’s now talk about what I do, I guess if you want to do that now. We can always take a break and come back later. No? Fine. I like to think that I am working on understanding human cognition by formalizing psychological theory using mathematical models. I am trying to keep the science part in cognitive science.

To put this into perspective I will attempt to describe my work. If you haven’t noticed the tabs above, you should. They have more information of what is currently keeping me up at night, and what kept me up in the past.

Note: If you would like to know more about any topic I have written about, please email me so I could focus on those sections.


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