Project X-31H-2P1 (Hidden Markov Models)

Andrey Markov decided one day to hypothesize some crazy multi-level meta system that contained hierarchical sequences of states. He later died. Unrelated, but I thought it should be mentioned. Anyways, fast forward a few years (over half a century still counts as a few years in the grand scope of things) some man with a fine surname wrote some paper describing a system very similar to that of Markov’s system, Fine et al. (1998).

Now, I am here to tell you that I did not read those papers before I stumbled upon a similar crazy system. Of course, I should have. However, I did not. Honestly, I am glad I did not. You see, the topology of the machine I am working with isn’t quite the same. The following will document what it is that I am talking about and what some dead people used to think about in the wee hours of the night.