Research Opportunities

Graduate Students:

We welcome graduate students with research interests in Hardiness, physiological reaactions to stress, stress management, and the like. Interested graduate students need not be solely from the Psychology & Social Behavior department, we welcome participation in our lab from any graduate student with research interests commensurate with our lab, both on and off campus.

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Undergraduate research assistants (RAs) are welcome in The Hardiness Lab. Our undergraduate RAs are heavily involved in all aspects of our research projects, including data collection, data entry, and even data analysis. They work closely with Dr. Maddi and with our graduate student researchers, receiving invaluable mentoring and training in preparation for graduate research programs. Many of our RAs have received funding through UROP for independent research projects, and guidance is provided to RAs who desire experience in presenting their research findings at formal conferences.

Typically, undergraduate RAs earn variable unit 199 (grade) or 198 (pass/not pass) independent study credit for their lab participation, with one quarter per year dedicated to a 196 research course that can be petitioned to Social Ecology to meet graduation requirements (see the Social Ecology Undergraduate Counseling Office for more information). The quarter in which this course is offered varies from year to year. Summer research opportunities are also available in our lab, with students either receiving credit during the summer or their summer hours are applied to fall quarter.


Due to the intense training process, we ask that our undergraduate RA’s be prepared to commit to at least two consecutive quarters of working in the lab, and preference will be given to undergraduates RA candidates who are able to exceed this minimum time investment. Students unable to meet the 2 quarter minimum are welcome to attend lab meetings, but will not be approved to work in the lab for course credit. Interested students must have a 3.5 GPA, complete a Hardiness Research Lab Application, submit a Curriculum Vitae, and an interview may be required.

The hours per week required for independent study (199/198) are flexible, based on the number of units being earned (e.g. 2 units = 5 hours per week, 4 units = 10 hours per week). Students enrolled in the 196 course are required to work 10 hours per week in the lab. Students may not exceed 15 hours of work during one week due to lab constraints with computer and space availability. The lab group meets bi-weekly and all members are required to attend all lab meetings.

Contact Information/Application

Please email us at for The Hardiness Research Lab Application and with any additional questions about getting involved in the lab.