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Winter 2020

Wednesdays 12:00-1:30 in SSPB 4206

January 8 – David Frank “New Research Potpourri”

January 22 – Aaron Tester “Reconstituting the State: Decentralization to Local Governments and Subnational Administrations 1970-2010”

January 29 – Ann Hironaka TBD

February 5 – Evan Schofer/Julia Lerch TBD

February 19 – Steven Mejia “No Laughing Matter: A Cross-National Analysis of Nitrous Oxide Emissions, 1990-2014”

March 4 – Julia Lerch “From National Triumph to Human Rights Violation? Changing Depictions of War in School Textbooks from 1950 to 2011”


Spring 2019

Time:  12:00-1:30

Room:  SSPB 4250

April 3:  David Frank.  “Human Rights in Everyday Life.”

April 10:  No Meeting

April 17:  Rachel Ahrens

April 24:  No Meeting:  2YP

May 1:  Ann Hironaka.  “Constructing the Enemy.”

May 8:  Ben Leffel.  “Testing Shorette’s integrated theory the city-level: Does it explain urban greenhouse gas emissions change.”

May 15:  No Meeting

May 22:  Evan Schofer.  “The Societal Consequences of Higher Education.”  (with Francisco Ramirez and John Meyer)

May 29:  No Meeting

June 5:  Aaron Tester.  “Reconstituting the State: Political Decentralization and the Rise of Municipal Planning”


Winter 2019

January 9, 16, 23:  No Meeting

January 30:  Ann Hironaka.  “Systems of War and Peace.”

February 6:  No meeting

February 13:  Julia Lerch.  “Global Neoliberalism and its Educational Effects.”  With Patricia Bromley and John W. Meyer.

February 20:  DJF?

February 27:  No Meeting.

March 6:  Colin Beck, Pomona College.  “All the Terrorism Fit to Print: News Media Coverage of Militant Groups, Worldwide 1970-2013.” (with Eric Schoon)

March 13:  No Meeting