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Fall 2018

October 3:  Ann Hironaka.  “War and Peace in World Society.”

October 10:  No Meeting.

October 17:  No Meeting.

October 24:  No Meeting.

October 31:  Jukka Syvatera.  “The Authority of Science in Parliamentary Policymaking: An Epistemic Governance Perspective”

November 7:  No meeting.

November 14:  No Meeting.

November 21:  Aaron Tester.  “Reconstituting the State: Deconcentration and Democratic Decentralization 1970-2015.”

November 28:  Zapp, Mike and Julia C. Lerch. “Teaching Knowledge for a Global Society – Patterns and Determinants of Internationalization in Higher Education Curricula Worldwide.”

December 5:  No Meeting.


Spring 2018

April 4:  No Meetings

April 11:  No Meeting.

April 18:  No Meeting.

April 25:  Tania DoCarmo. “Dissertation Prospectus: Translating Contemporary Human Trafficking Law into Action”

May 2:  No Meeting.

May 9:  Aaron Tester.  Dissertation proposal:  “Participatory Democracy in Global Context.”

May 16:  No Meeting.

May 23:  Evan Schofer (with Jared Furuta and Shawn Wick). “The Effects of High Stakes Educational Testing on Enrollments in an Era of Hyper-Expansion: Cross-National Evidence, 1960-2010”

May 30:  No Meeting

June 6:  Julia Lerch.  “Beyond Survival: Empowered Individualism and the Rise of Education as a Humanitarian Response”