Past Events

Fall 2018

October 3:  Ann Hironaka.  “War and Peace in World Society.”

October 10:  No Meeting.

October 17:  No Meeting.

October 24:  No Meeting.

October 31:  Jukka Syvatera.  “The Authority of Science in Parliamentary Policymaking: An Epistemic Governance Perspective”

November 7:  No meeting.

November 14:  No Meeting.

November 21:  Aaron Tester.  “Reconstituting the State: Deconcentration and Democratic Decentralization 1970-2015.”

November 28:  Zapp, Mike and Julia C. Lerch. “Teaching Knowledge for a Global Society – Patterns and Determinants of Internationalization in Higher Education Curricula Worldwide.”

December 5:  No Meeting.


Spring 2018

April 4:  No Meetings

April 11:  No Meeting.

April 18:  No Meeting.

April 25:  Tania DoCarmo. “Dissertation Prospectus: Translating Contemporary Human Trafficking Law into Action”

May 2:  No Meeting.

May 9:  Aaron Tester.  Dissertation proposal:  “Participatory Democracy in Global Context.”

May 16:  No Meeting.

May 23:  Evan Schofer (with Jared Furuta and Shawn Wick). “The Effects of High Stakes Educational Testing on Enrollments in an Era of Hyper-Expansion: Cross-National Evidence, 1960-2010”

May 30:  No Meeting

June 6:  Julia Lerch.  “Beyond Survival: Empowered Individualism and the Rise of Education as a Humanitarian Response”

Winter 2018

Wednesdays 1:30pm in SBSG 1321

Winter Quarter Jan 8-Mar 16.  Holidays Jan 15, Feb 19

January 10:  Evan Schofer and Julia Lerch.  “Illiberal movements and the rise of attacks on universities.”  (with John Meyer)

January 17:  David Frank.  “Beyond the State:  Human Rights in Everyday Life.”

January 24:  No Meeting.

January 31:  David Frank.  “The Expansion of Academic Knowledge in World Society”

February 7:  No Meeting.

February 14:  No Meeting.

February 21:  No Meeting.

February 28:  Evan Schofer.  Ongoing work on illiberal reactions in world society.  (With John Meyer)

March 7:  Jolene McCall.  Practice job talk.

March 14:  Jared Furuta.  “Liberal Individualism, Social Rights, and the Global Education Regime:  The Worldwide Decline of Tracking, 1960-2010.”


Fall 2017

Wednesdays 2:00pm in SSPB 4206

Fall Quarter Sept 28-Dec 8.  Holidays Nov 10, 23, 24

October 4:  Ann Hironaka.  “Ambiguity and Military Competition”

October 11:  Pertti Alasuutari “Authority as Epistemic Capital” and Marjaana Rautalin “The Rise of International Policy Models and Recommendations: The Case of the OECD”

October 18:  Julia Lerch.  “INGO Memberships Revisited: Local Variation of Receptor Sites in the Diffusion of Emergency Education as a New Global Norm”

October 25:  Benjamin J. Leffel.  “Enmity of the Underling: Theorizing Sub-State Diplomacy in a World Society”

November 1:  Steven Mejia.  “Global Economy, Polity, and Integrated Theory of Global Environmentalism: A Cross-National Study on Air Pollution”

November 8:  No Meeting.

November 15:  David Reimer, Aarhus U. “Joint Forces: How Social Background and Gender Shape Segregation in Higher Education across Nations”

November 22:  Probably no meeting due to Thanksgiving.

November 29:  No Meeting.

December 6:  Lizzie Buckner.  “The Internationalization of Higher Education: Global Citizenship or Neo-Colonization?”


Spring 2017

Upcoming Spring:  April 3-June 9.  Meetings April 3,10,17,24 May 1,8,15,22,29(holiday) June 5

April 3:  Katri Sieberg, University of Tampere, Finland.  Current issues in health care in the US and Finland.

April 10:  Steven Schmidt.  (2nd year paper) “Justifying the Growth Machine: Urban Revelopment in Mexico City’s City Center.”

April 17:  No Meeting.

April 24:  Rodolfo Lopez.  “Conditions of Protest Participation of Evangelicals Across Latin America.”

May 1:  Aaron Tester.  “Radical Democracy or Neoliberalism?  States, Civil Society, and Individualization in the Era of Participatory Development.”

May 8:  George Thomas, Arizona State University.  “Making Inferences from Institutional Structures to Human Personhood.”

May 15:  Evan Schofer.  “Higher Education and Progressive Societal Movements.”

May 22:  Nigel Kragten, University of Amsterdam.  “The Diffusion of Educational Reforms Across Europe.”

May 29:  No Meeting.

June 5:  Anna Kosmützky, INCHER-Kassel.  “International Comparative Research – Methodological and Social Challenges and Prospects.”

Winter 2017

Monday 2:00-3:30.  Location:  SSPB 4250

January 9:  Alexandra Olsen.  “State Level Deinstitutionalization and Reinstitutionalization: Understanding the Rise of Overdose Prevention Laws”

January 16:  MLK Jr. Holiday.  No meeting.

January 23: Lir Wang and Evan Schofer. “Coming Out of the Penumbras:  World Culture and Cross-national Variation in Divorce Rates.”

January 30:  Pertti Alasuutari, University of Tampere.  “Decision-making in world parliaments and the parliamentary dataset.”

February 6:  Karen Robinson.   “Social Origins of the American Professoriate: Race, Class, and Gender in Academia”

February 13:  Ann Hironaka.  “Notes on Institutional Change.”

February 20:  President’s Day:  No meeting.

February 27:  Jacques E. C. Hymans, USC.  “Bolivar and Beyond: The Changing Iconography of South American Banknotes from the Late 19th Century Until Today.”

March 6:  David John Frank.  University book draft.

March 13:  Nina Bandelj and Aaron Tester.  “Coopting Economic Institutions, Scripting Globalization: The Changing Role of Bilateral Investment Treaties in the World Polity (1958-2013).”


Fall 2016

Wednesday 1:30-3:00 in SSBP 2214

September 28:  Erin Evans, Ann Hironaka, Evan Schofer, and Sheila Xiao. “Environmental Protest around the World”

October 5:  No Meeting.

October 12:  Wayne Sandholtz.  USC School of International Relations.  “United States Military Assistance and Human Rights”

October 19:  No Meeting.

October 26:  Ann Hironaka.  “Power in World Society.”

October 27:  Special joint event with ISPF in SSPA 1100:  Andreas Wimmer, Princeton U.  “Nation Building. Why Some Countries Came Together While Others Fell Apart”

November 2:  Aaron Tester.  “Deforestation in the Global South: Assessing Uneven Environmental Improvements 1991-2012.”

November 9:  Tania DoCarmo.  “UN Workspaces and the Institutionalization of Human Trafficking as a Contemporary Phenomenon”

November 16:  Suzie Caldwell Mulesky.  “Unknown Victims: Amnesty International’s Strategic Incentives Against Reporting Human Rights Violations.”

November 23:  No Meeting.

November 30:  Ralph Hosoki.  Dissertation chapter.


Spring 2016

Monday 12-1:30 in SSPB 4206.

March 28.  Martin Jacinto.  “Interrupting the Democratic Peace: Democracy and State Repression in Latin America”

April 4:  Lir Wang:  “The National and Global Fight Against Child Marriage”

April 11:  David J. Frank.  “The Global Expansion of Academic Knowledge”

April 18:  NO MEETING:  2nd year paper presentations.

April 25: NO MEETING:  2nd year paper presentations.

May 2:  Francisco O. Ramirez, Stanford University.  “The Socially Embedded American University:  Intensification and Globalization.”

May 9:  Matt Pearce.  “Global Expansion of Participation and Policy”

May 16: Jolene McCall.  “Cross national study of renewable energy production”

May 23:  Marc Schneiberg, Reed College.  “Losing their way? Institutional heterogeneity, identity and credit unions’ embrace of market-based investment practices.”

May 30:  Holiday.  No Meeting.

June 6:  Ralph Hosoki.  “The Determinants of Protections for Low- and High-skilled Migrants”


Winter 2016

Our Winter meeting time is 12:00-1:30 in SSPB 4206.

January 4-March 11; Holidays Jan 18, Feb 15

January 4:  Nolan Phillips and Matt Pearce.  “The Evolution of the Health INGOs Network”

January 11:  Aaron Tester.  “Restoring the Lungs of the Earth? Assessing Patterns of Cross-National Deforestation 1990-2012.”

January 18:  Holiday.  NO MEETING.

January 25:  Rodolfo Lopez.  “The Structural Conditions of Protest Participation.”

February 1:  Natasha Miric.  “The Effect of Economic and Social Cultural Factors on the Expansion of Different Park Types, 1970-2008”

February 8:  Tania DoCarmo.  “Human Trafficking: Why Now?”

February 15:  Holiday.  NO MEETING.

February 22:  Kiyoteru Tsutsui, University of Michigan.  “Rights Make Might: Global Human Rights and Minority Social Movements in Japan”

February 29:  Lir Wang.  “Coming out of the Penumbra: The Implications of World Culture for Divorce”

March 7:  Ralph Hosoki.  “The Determinants of Cross-national Variations in Protections for Trafficking Victims”


Fall 2015

September 24-Dec 4.  Holidays Nov 11, 26, 27

Our Fall meeting time is 1:00-2:30 in SSPB 2214.

Sept 28:  Organizational Meeting

October 5:  David Frank.  “The Proliferation of University Scholars.” (Chapter of book with John Meyer.)

October 12:  Chris Gibson.  “Social Policy Responsiveness in Arab League Member States: A post-Arab Spring Analysis, 1996-2013”

October 19:  Natasha Miric, Dissertation Chapter

October 26:  Evan Schofer, Lir Wang, and Rodolfo Lopez.  “The Mechanisms of World Society:  Environmental NGOs in Global Context.”  (with Laura Valkeasuo, Tuomas Ylla-Anttila, and Todd Beer)

November 2:  Wayne Sandholtz, School of International Relations and Gould School of Law, USC.  “Implementing the International Criminal Court”

November 9:  Elizabeth Boyle, University of Minnesota.  “Abortion Liberalization and the Catholic Church in the World Polity.”

November 16:  Evan Schofer.  “No Salvation Outside Higher Education.”  (with Chiqui Ramirez and John Meyer).

November 23:  Nolan Phillips.  “The Categorical Diffusion of Multisectoralism in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS.”

November 30:  No Meeting.


Spring 2015

March 30-June 5.  Holiday May 25.

Our Spring meeting time is Wednesday 12:00-1:30 in SSPB 4250.

April 1:  No Meeting (faculty meeting)

April 8:  No Meeting

April 15:  Jolene McCall.  “A Cross-National Study of Renewable Energy Production, 1970 through 2012”

April 22:  No Meeting (2nd year paper talks)

April 29:  Tuomas Ylla-Anttila.  “Cooptation of ENGOs or Treadmill of Production?  Corporatism and Climate Policy Networks in Finland.”

May 6:  No Meeting.

May 13:  No Meeting (faculty meeting)

May 20: Special early meeting @ 11:00am.  Bill Robinson, UCSB.  “The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Conjunctural, Structural, or Systemic?”

May 27:  Patricia Bromley, University of Utah.  “Casting Call: The Expansion of Actorhood in U.S. Firms, 1960-2010.”

June 3:  No Meeting (faculty meeting)


Winter 2015

Our Winter meeting time is Wednesday 12:00-1:30 in SSPB 4250.

January 7:  Evan Schofer.  “Labor Unions and Political Participation in Comparative Perspective” (paper w/ Jasmine Kerrissey)

January 14:  NO MEETING.  (faculty meeting)

January 21:  NO MEETING.  (faculty meeting)

January 28:  Gregory Shaffer, UCI School of Law.  “Transnational Legal Orders.”

February 4:  Ann Hironaka.  “Tokens of Power:  Rethinking War.”

February 11:  Natasha Miric.  “The Effect of Global Economic and Environmental Pressures in the Case of National Park Expansion.”

February 18:  Matt Pearce.  “Democracy and Global Cultural Causes of Internet Expansion”

February 25:  NO MEETING. (faculty meeting)

March 4:  Tytti Nahi, Aalto University.  “Co-creation as Sensemaking: Collaboration in Inclusive Business Creation in Low-income Contexts” (with Minna Halme)

March 11:  Rachael Russell.  “The International Women’s Movement and Structural Expansion in Social Concerns of the State”.


Fall 2014-15

Our Fall 2014 meeting time is Friday 12:00-1:30 in SSPB 4206.

October 3:  Organizational meeting

October 10:  NO MEETING.

October 17:  Wade Cole, University of Utah.  “Peace through Strength? State Capacity, Regime Type, and Human Rights”

October 24:  David Frank.  “The University and the Knowledge Society.”

October 31:  Evan Schofer.  “Educational Expansion and Economic Inequality.”

November 7:  Natasha Miric.  “A Natural Development? The Effect of Global Economic and Environmental Pressures in the Case of National Park Expansion.”

November 14:  Ron Jepperson, U. of Tulsa.  “Distinguishing the multiple cultural projects driving the post-war period.”

November 21:  Lir Wang.  “National and Global Influence on Divorce Patterns”

November 28:  Thanksgiving.  NO MEETING.

December 5:  Tuomas Yla-Anttila “Crowding in:  Why and how indian civil society organizations mobilized on climate change.”  (may be moved earlier if space available)

December 12:  Katie Bolzendahl.  “Gendered Political Institutions and Patterns of Welfare State Development”


Spring 2014

Our Spring 2014 meeting time is Wednesdays 12:00-1:30.

April 2:  Charles Ragin.  “Using Fuzzy-Set Coincidence to Study Configurations of Causal and Outcome Conditions.”

April 9:  Markus Siewert.  Goethe-University Frankfurt.  “Presidential Legislative Success:  Approaching a Fuzzy Concept with a Fuzzy Method”

April 16:  NO MEETING.

April 23:  NO MEETING

April 30:  Group discussion of work-in-progress.

May 7:  David Frank.  “The Worldwide Expansion of the University Curriculum: Preliminary Evidence”

May 14:  NO MEETING.

May 21:  Ann Hironaka and Evan Schofer.  “Learning, Hierarchy, and the Origins of Institutional Forms in World Society.”

May 28:  Erin Evans, Sheila Xiao, Ann Hironaka, and Evan Schofer.  “Cross-national variation in environmental protest.”

June 4:  NO MEETING.

Winter 2014

Our Winter 2014 meeting time is 12:00-1:30 in SSPB 4250.

January 10:  Thad Domina, Andrew Penner, Emily Penner, and Marianne Bitler.  “Membership Has Its Privileges: Incentives, Stigma, and Stereotype Threat in High School”

January 17:  Ann Hironaka.  “Rethinking the Foundations of War”

January 24:  Jon Kvist, University of Southern Denmark.  “The Post-Crisis European Social Model”

January 31:  Nolan Phillips.  “Developing National AIDS Responses.”

February 7:  Departmental Colloquia.  NO MEETING.  (Soc 259 will meet at 1:30)

February 14: David Frank, Matt Pearce, and Evan Schofer.  “The Worldwide Expansion of the University Curriculum: Preliminary Evidence”

February 21:  Emilio Castilla, MIT.  Department colloquium.  “Off to a Green Start?  Statistical or Preference-based Inequality in the Employment of Foreign Nationals.”

February 28:  Mark Berlin.  “When Do States Domesticate International Law? The Worldwide Criminalization of Atrocities in Domestic Legal Systems, 1945-2011.”

March 7: Rachael Chatterson.  Dissertation chapter:  “The International Women’s Movement and the Expanding Scope of State Responsibility.”

March 14:  Erin Evans.  “Changing the Institutional Logics of Science: How
movement relevant policies influence laboratory culture.”


Spring 2013

April 12:  Nolan Phillips.  ”Developing National AIDS Responses” (2nd year paper)

April 19:  Second year paper presentations.  NO MEETING.

April 26:  Departmental colloquium.  NO MEETING

May 3:  Natasha Miric.  ”A natural development?: competition and conflict between global environmental and development discourses from 1980-2010″

May 10:  Departmental colloquium.  NO MEETING.

May 17:  Alwyn Lim, USC Sociology.  ”Field Change and Institutional Outcomes in Global Corporate Social Responsibility”

May 24: Christine Beckman.  ”The Impact of Interdisciplinarity on Scientist’s Careers.”  With Erin Leahy and Taryn Stanko.

May 31: Jasmine Kerrissey. “Labor Rights in the Global South: International Institutions, the Global Economy, and Domestic Politics”

June 7:  Lir Wang:  Dissertation proposal topic.  ”The world population regime and family planning programs:  transformation and restructuring.”

Winter 2013

Social Science Plaza B 4250 from 12:00-1:30 on Fridays.

January 11:  No Meeting.

January 18:  Departmental Colloquium:  Irene Bleomraad.  No Meeting.

January 25:  Jasmine Kerrissey, Evan Schofer, and Beth Gardner.  ”World Society, INGOs, and Political Participation.”

February 1:  Anne McDaniel.   ”Who wants to be a scientist? The cross-national gender gap in STEM career expectations.”

February 8:  Rachael Chatterson “The Structure of the International Organization of Woman in
World Culture, 1870-2005.”

February 15:  Kristen Shorette.  ”Reduction or Transfer?  Global Environmentalism and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Across the World System.”

February 22:  David Frank and Nolan Phillips.  ”Sex Laws and Sexuality Rights in Comparative and Global Perspectives”

March 1:  Departmental Colloquium.  No Meeting.

March 8:  Colin Beck, Pomona College.  ”The Comparative Method in Practice: Evidence from the Study of Revolution”

March 15:

Fall 2012

Meetings will be in Social Science Plaza B 4250 from 12:00-1:30, unless otherwise indicated.  To receive email announcements and papers, sign up for our mailing list.

September 28 (Special meeting time 2:00pm):  Organizational meeting

October 5:  NO MEETING.

October 12:  Kristen Shorette and Nolan Phillips.  ”Culture and Power in Global Health Disparities”

October 19:  Laura Valkeasuo.  ”Domesticating Knowledge-Based Economy in Finland”

October 26: Kristen Shorette.  ”The Uneven Rise of Fair Trade Producer Organizations” (practice job talk)

November 2:  Ann Hironaka

November 9:  Raul Perez

November 16:  Rachael Chatterson.  Dissertation Chapter.

November 23:  Thanksgiving Holiday.  NO MEETING.

November 30:  Katie Bolzendahl & Rottem Sagi “Godliness and Government: Individual and Institutional Connections between Religiosity and Citizenship”

December 7:  Pertti Alasuutari

Spring 2012
April 2: Cheng Tong (Lir) Wang. “From Global to Local: Diffusion Mechanisms of the Isomorphic Development of Taiwan’s Environmental Movement”April 9: No TalkApril 16: Ann Hironaka. “Conflict and Interests in World Society Theory.”April 23: Kristen Shorette. “Nongovernmental Regulation and Construction of Value in Global Markets:
The Rise of Fair Trade Organizations, 1961-2006″April 30: Stefan Malizia. “Variation in medical marijuana policies across U.S. states.”May 7: Wayne Sandholtz: “Constitutions and Human Rights Treaty Commitments.”May 14: Miriam? Title TBAMay 21: Thomas Hannan, UCLA. “World culture at the world’s periphery: The role of small-scale transnational altruistic networks in the diffusion of world culture.”May 28: UNIVERSITY HOLIDAY. NO MEETING.June 4: Colin Beck, Pomona University. “Reflections on the Revolutionary Wave in 2011”
Winter 2012

January 9: Andreas Wimmer, UCLA Sociology. “Nation-building or ethnic exclusion? A global analysis, 1945-2005″January 16: MLK Day. NO MEETINGJanuary 23: Meet on Wednesday instead…January 25: SPECIAL WEDNESDAY SESSION, 12:15-1:45. SSPB 4206. John Meyer, Stanford University. “Accounting for the Worldwide Expansion of ‘Organization'”January 30: Evan Schofer. “Polity types and political participation”

February 6: Christine Hegel. “Promises, Promises: Thinking Anthropologically about Legal Fictions, Intimate Politics, and Due Process.”

February 13: Kristen Shorette: “The Uneven Rise of Fair Trade Producer Organizations”

February 20: President’s Day. NO MEETING.

February 27: April Linton, UCSD. “Growing Fair Trade in South Africa.”

March 5: Ralph Hosoki. “The Determinants of Cross-National Variation in the Length Requirements for Naturalization.”

March 12: Kristen Shorette & Nolan Phillips “Culture and Power in Global Health Disparities”

Fall 2011

September 23: Organizational MeetingSeptember 30: Informal meeting on work-in-progress.October 7: Kristen Shorette, Dissertation chapters. “Cross-national variation in fair trade consumption in the global north and in the concentration of fair trade producer organizations in the global south.”October 14: David Frank and Dana Moss. “Cross-National Variation in the Criminal Regulation of Sex.”October 21: Jasmine Kerrissey. “The Making of Democracy: Union Membership, Political Participation and Race, Gender and SES”

October 28: Colin Beck, Dept. of Sociology, Pomona College. “Who Gets Designated a Terrorist and Why? A Comparative Cross-Sectional Analysis of Organizational Categories and Schemas”

November 4: Nolan Phillips “Exploring Convergence and Divergence in National Strategic AIDS Plans”

November 11: Veteran’s Day: NO MEETING.

November 18: Department Colloquium. NO MEETING.

November 25: Thanksgving break. NO MEETING.

December 2: Last day of classes. NO MEETING.

Spring 2011

March 28: Kristen Shorette. “The Formation and Expansion of Global Markets: Fair Trade Organization Foundations, 1960-2004″April 4: Matt Peace “World Society Diffusion of Internet Participation and Filtering”April 11: Erin Evans “‘If slaughterhouses had glass walls…’ Animal Rights Activists and Media Coverage of Grievances”April 18: Natasha Miric “International Football and the State-making Process”April 25: Andrew Duncan “Post-Socialist Developmentalism: The Role of the Hybrid Sector in China’s Economy”

May 2: CANCELLED due to faculty meeting.

May 9: Ondrej Cisar and Katerina Vrablikova. “Transnational Activism of Social Movement Organizations: The Effect of European Funding on Local Groups in the Czech Republic”

May 13 (Special Friday Event): Matthias Koenig, University of Toronto. “Human rights, judicial politics and the secularization of nation-states – Contestations over religion at the European Court of Human Rights”

May 16: Rune Holmgaard Andersen, U. of Tartu, Estonia. “Transnational Accident or Accidental Transition: A New Approach to Economic Transition.”

May 23: Andrew M. Penner, Aleksandra Kanjuo-Mrčela, Nina Bandelj, and Trond Petersen. “Within–job gender inequality in Slovenia, 1993–2007”

May 30: Memorial Day. NO MEETING.

Winter 2011
January 3: Mandi Bane, University of Michigan. “Development with Identity in Ecuador: Neoliberal Governance, Indigeneity, and Social Change”January 10: Stefan Malizia. “Redefining Marijuana: Culture Change and Policy Reform in California, 1972-1996.”January 17: No Meeting: MLK Day.January 24: Ondrej Cisar and KateÅ™ina Vráblíková. “The Transnationalization of Social Movement Organizations and its
Determinants: An Overstudied Deviation or Transformative Trend?”January 31: Meeting cancelled due to job candidate talk.February 7: Kristen Shorette: Dissertation Research: “Fair Trade Certified: Nongovernmental Regulation of International Markets” Meeting cancelled due to job candidate talk.February 14: Jasmine Kerrissey: “Democracy and Mergers in U.S. Unions, 1900-2005”.February 21: No Meeting: President’s Day.February 28: Karen Robinson: TBAMarch 7: Jared Oleson
Fall 2010

September 27: Brief Organizational MeetingOctober 4: David Frank: “University Expansion and the Knowledge Society — Stanford and Toulouse”October 11: Evan Schofer and Jasmine Kerrissey: “Institutional Context, Labor Unions, and Political Participation in Affluent Democracies”October 18: Colin Beck: “What Do We Really Know About (the Social Science of) Revolution?”October 25: Natasha Miric: “International Football and the State-making Process.”

November 1: November 1:  KateÅ™ina Vráblíková  “Contextual Determinants of Political Participation in Democratic Countries.”

November 8: Jacques E. C. Hymans, USC School of International Relations. “Implementing Nuclear Ambitions: The Political Foundations of Technical Achievement.”

November 15: Evan Schofer, Beth Gardner, and Wes Longhofer:” Voluntary Associations and Economic Inequality”

November 22: Thanksgiving Week. No Meeting.

November 29: Nicole Doerr: “Democracy in Translation – How Activists Transform the Politics of Talk.”

Spring 2010

March 29: Organizational meeting and teaching talk by Megan Thiele.April 5: Mandi Bane. Dissertation chapter: “Indigenous and Ecuadorian: Cultural Citizenship in the Neoliberal Era”April 12:Evan Schofer, David Frank, Ann Hironaka, and Wes Longhofer: World Society Theory.April 19: Andrew Noymer: “The decline of TB mortality: The USA and Southeast Asia in historical-comparative perspective”April 26: Anthony McGann and Wayne Sandholtz: “Patterns of Death Penalty Abolition, 1960-2005.”

May 3: Jared Olesen. “Local food system expansion in the United States 1997-2007”

May 10: Michelle Peria. “Global Civil Society, Social Movements and the State: the rise of affirmative action policy in Brazil 1995-2008”

May 17: Raul Perez. Dissertation Proposal: “Cultural Reification, ‘Non-Racism,’ and Stand-Up Comedy,: Performing Undisputed Racism in a Post Civil Rights Society”

May 24: Karen Robinson: Dissertation Chapter: Curricular Choice in Basic and Applied Fields.

May 31: Memorial Day. No Meeting.

Winter 2010

January 11: Nina Smart. “Resisting World Polity Transmission: The Silence on the Glocalization of anti-FGM Legislature in the Parliament of Sierra Leone”January 18: Martin Luther King Day. No Meeting.January 25: Rachael Chatterson. “The Expansion of Evangelicalism in the Modern World Culture”February 1: Kristen Shorette and Ann Hironaka: “Outcomes of the World Polity: Trends in Fertilizer and Pesticide Consumption, 1961-2006″February 8: Megan Thiele and Kristen Shorette “State Funding of Higher Education: The effects of Legislators’ Educational Experience on Support for Public Universities”

February 15: President’s Day. No Meeting.

February 22: Kris Noam-Zuidervaart “Cultural Transmission by Intermarried Second-Generation Chinese parents: An International Comparison”

March 1: Evan Schofer (with Wes Longhofer): “Structural Adjustment and Economic Inequality, 1980-2000”

March 8: Andrew Penner (with Todd CadwallerOlsker): “Looking Beyond Mean-based Studies of Mathematics Achievement in the United States.”

March 15; Exam Week

Fall 2009

September 28: David Frank. “Environmental Sociology from a World Society Perspective”October 5: Ann Hironaka. “An Institutional Theory of Environmental Consequences”October 12: Evan Schofer. Work in Progress: Educational Expansion and Income InequalityOctober 19: Karen Robinson and Jared Oleson. “The Global Expansion of Environmental Education in Universities”October 26: Colin Beck, Dept. of Sociology, Pomona College. “The World Cultural Origins of Revolutionary Waves”

November 2: Mandi Bane. Dept of Sociology, University of Michigan. “Community Projects are Worthless”: The Paradox of Indigenous Community Organizing in Saquisili, Ecuador.

November 9: Jasmine Kerrissey and Evan Schofer. “Unions Membership and Political Participation in the United States.”

November 16: Ann Hironaka. Work in Progress: The Long Term Consequences of Great Power Interventions.

November 23: Nina Smart. “Resisting World Polity Transmission: The Silence on the Glocalization of anti-FGM legislature in the Parliament of Sierra Leone”

November 30: Mike Landis. Dissertation research: Cross-national research on terrorism.

December 7: Exam Week

Spring 2009

March 30: Ann Hironaka. Book Chapter from Tokens of Power.April 6: Kristen Shrorette. “Integration into the World-Economy and Development Prospects for Peripheral States: A Global Comparative Analysis.”April 13: Jasmine Kerrissey and Evan Schofer. “Union Membership and Civic Life”April 20: NO MEETING due to 2nd Year Paper Talks.April 27: Prof. Wai Kit Choi, CSULA. “The Ethics of Recognition and Mass Mobilization: From Chinese Communist Guerrillas to Anti-WTO Korean Farmers”

May 4: Karen Robinson: “Discipline, Choice and the Educated Person.”

May 11: Prof. Feng Wang. “Expanding Production, Shrinking Reproduction: Understanding the Global Birth Dearth”

May 18: Scott Byrd. “Claims, Aims, and Climate Change: Global Climate Justice Movement and the UNFCCC Negotiations”

May 25: No Meeting: Memorial Day.

June 1: Mike Landis. “Terrorism: A Cross National Comparison in the Rates of Terrorism”
and Stefan Malizi. “The Globalization of Environmental Governance.”.

June 8: Prof. Matthew Mahutga, UC Riverside. “Production Networks and the Organization of the Global Economy.”

Winter 2009

January 5: Prof. David Suarez, USC. “Institutionalizing a Global Social Movement: Human Rights as University Knowledge.” (with Tricia Martin)January 12: Steve Boutcher. Work in Progress: Models of Large Firm Pro Bono ParticipationJanuary 19: MLK Day — No MeetingJanuary 26: Evan Schofer “The Consequences of Higher Education as a Global Institution.”February 2: **Time change: Start at 1:30pm ** Ting Jiang. “Economic Globalization and Welfare Spending in 23 Transitional Economies”

February 9: Katie Bolzendahl. “Domains, Disaggregation, And Welfare State Development: Does Gender Equality Matter?”

February 16: President’s Day — No Meeting.

February 23: Elizabeth McEneaney, CSU Long Beach. “Conceptions of Risk to Child Participants in Applied Research”.

March 2: David Frank: Work in Progress: “Cross-national analyses of the criminal regulation of sex”

March 9: Megan Thiele: Dissertation Research: “Culture, Class and an Elite Education.” AND Marianne Ryan-Go Navada “Foreign Ownership of Firms and Knowledge Diffusion”

Fall 2008

September 27: Evan Schofer “NGOs, INGOs, and Social Change: Environmental Policy Reform in the Developing World, 1970-1995.” (with Wes Longhofer and David Frank)October 6: Ann Hironaka “Tank Doctrine in the Inter-War Period” — Chapter of her book-in-progress Tokens of PowerOctober 13: David Frank: “Preliminary Thoughts on Cross National Variation in the Criminal Regulation of Sex”October 20: Megan Thiele and Karen RobinsonOctober 27: Evan Schofer — Work in Progress: Models of environmental association

November 3: Jasmine Kerrisey — Dissertation proposal

November 10: Nathanael Matthiasen — Dissertation proposal

November 17: Steve Boutcher — Book Chapter

November 24: Ann Hironaka — Book Chapter

December 1: David Frank — work-in-progress

December 8: Ann Hironaka — Book Chapter